Do you want digital marketing that actually gets results? That’s what we’ve been providing for more than a decade. Here at Website Depot, we’re a full-service digital marketing agency with hundreds of satisfied clients all across the globe. Small-to-midsize businesses have trusted us to grow their business, get more leads, improve their sales, and drive more revenue. We offer many different digital marketing packages that can be tailored to your individual needs. 

We work with our clients to ensure that we’re providing them with exactly what they want. Whether you want an agency to handle everything for you or want to be involved with each decision (or somewhere in between) we can work with you. The testimonials and reviews we’ve been given over the years show exactly the kinds of results we can bring to your company.

Our Online Marketing Package Pricing – Digital Marketing Packages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing monthly work. Minimum contract requirement 6 months, best results within 6-9 months of hard work. We do On-Page SEO (changes to your website) and Off Page SEO. We use White-hat techniques and Follow Google Guidelines.


Bronze Package

$1,950 per month
10 Keywords
Adwords Management Included
Small Business
Social Media Included
Online Content Creation
Web Maintenance
Results Driven Package
40 Approximate Backlinks

Silver Package

$3,000 per month
25 Keywords
Ideal for Existing business
Social Media Included (4)
Adwords Management Included
Lead Generation
Online Content Creation
Web Maintenance
Effective & Powerful
90 Approximate Backlinks

Gold Package / *Best Seller

$5,000 per month
50 Keywords
Marketing & Branding Package
Social Media Management
Adwords Management Included
Full-Service Online Marketing
Online Content Creation
Web Maintenance
Professional Package
150 Approximate Backlinks

Platinum Package

$9,000 per month
150 Keywords
Medium businesses
Online Reputation Management
Online Content Creation
Web Maintenance
Adwords Management Included
Total Customization Available
Feels like an in-house team
350 Approximate Backlinks

digital marketing packages at website depot

Why Should You Choose Our Digital Marketing Packages?

Simply put, because they can help your business grow. Whether you have a law firm, a rehab treatment center, a local store, or any other kind of business, there’s a digital marketing package to fit your company. We can even put together a customized package that’s just for your company so that you’re getting everything that you need. 

Our packages provide everything that a company of any size needs to take its business to the next level. We can research and then target the keywords that you want to rank for, so that when your prospective customers/clients are looking for someone, they find you. On and off-page optimization and link building make sure that your company is seen as the authority that you are. Social media marketing and paid marketing, overseen by our experts, ensures you get the most ROI possible. 

Those are just some of the digital marketing services included in our packages – there are many more. We’re always glad to have a free consultation. There, we can get started figuring out the best ways that our full-service digital marketing can help. You can schedule that consultation at (888) 477-9540

digital marketing packages at website depot

Our Digital Marketing Services in Detail


Our search engine optimization targets the users who are most likely to convert with pinpoint accuracy and then takes them to your site. First, we analyze your current SEO strategy and then our experts put together a strategy that’s right for your company. From there, we implement it, alongside on-page and off-page optimization, detailed keyword research, professional content creation, and much more to get you the best possible ROI. 

Paid Media 

Paid media, PPC, pay-per-click advertising, whatever you call it, is one of the best, most efficient ways to target your potential customers. Our pros have run plenty of these campaigns in the past. So, we know how to manage your money and your ads so that you’re getting the biggest return. 

Web Design 

We can design a customized website that’s exactly right for your business. All of our sites are built to be responsive or “mobile-friendly,” so they’ll open and operate properly on any kind of device. Moreover, we optimize them for SEO, too, so that your site can help your business in multiple ways. We take security seriously, so your site is always as secure as it can be. Our professional graphic designs work with our web development team so that your site looks as great as it operates, too. 

Web Development 

We don’t just design your site and then leave it alone. Our continued development and maintenance program ensures that your site always meets your standards. Through content updates, security scans, patches, support, updates, backups, and more, we treat your site with the same care and consideration we would our own. 

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Social Media Marketing 

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and more – we can build a social media marketing strategy to match your company. Wherever your potential customers and/or clients may be, our social media professionals can find them with cleverly crafted content which stands out from the rest. We match your social media to your brand, so that your company is always seen the way you want it to be seen. 

Online Reputation Management 

Online, your reputation is everything. We make sure that your reputation is always what you want it to be. No matter if you want your reputation repaired or you want to keep it as sterling as it always is, our professionals work to ensure your online reputation matches the work you put into your company.