Digital Marketing Agency Tips for Less Stressful Content Creation

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Did you wake up today with a lot of content to create? Do you have so much content to create that you feel kinda overwhelmed? Or, alternatively, have you been creating so much content that here, on Monday morning, you feel burned out? That’s perfectly understandable. Content is king, but it’s rarely a satisfied monarch. Content must be created constantly and it must be created constantly well. These are some tips I use to stay ahead of the content crushing curve at our digital marketing agency

These are just what works for me. They may not work for you. By experimenting with these, you can find something that fits you perfectly. 

Plan Ahead (Even if It’s a Short Distance) 

When someone says “plan ahead,” I usually get annoyed. That’s because the first place my mind goes is: “oh, they want me to plan this ahead six months in advance or something. Like I have any time for that.” The truth is that you can be better served by just planning ahead a bit the night before. 

For example, usually, right before I go to bed, I do just a little bit of work for the next day. Not much, not too much at all, but just a little. I try to do my pre-work, whether it’s pre-writing for written content, outlining for voiceover/podcasting, etc. That way, when I get working the next morning, I am absolutely ready to jump in and get to it. Speaking of: 

Bullet Points Guide the Way 

Prewriting/outlining/whatever you want to call it is crucial for content. I have no idea how to do things another way. For me, when it comes to writing or voiceover/podcasting, I make sure to use bullet points. 

I write out what I absolutely want to cover. I make sure that each of them are short, punchy, and can be elaborated upon. If something doesn’t feel as important once I’ve put them all together, I take it out. Often, that’s a point that can be made underneath one of the others, in terms of elaboration. 

For example, that’s how I wrote this blog. I wrote my bullet points and elaborated. Indeed, each of the bullet points became a heading. I use those as the “anchors,” so to speak, and then work around them.

Allow Yourself to Find It As You Create 

Another great thing about bullet points: they don’t give too much information. A bullet point, a heading, etc., isn’t an entire paragraph. It’s a point that can be deepened, that can be explained at length. That makes sense in a blog, of course. But, it works for podcasting/explainer videos, too. 

I’ve found in podcasting keeping these bullet points short helps to make the videos more authentic. So many guests I’ve sat down with over the years, when we talk about the podcast initially, want to have everything scripted out. They want lines. They want to be able to recite the lines on camera. 

I get it. Being in camera for the first time(s) can be maddening. You’re liable to be nervous, feel awkward/unnatural, etc. But, and trust me on this, you’re going to feel that way even stronger if you’re trying to remember exactly what it is you wanted to say. 

That’s where the bullet points come in. By using those, the guest has to explain things. They have to be able to go into detail. And, inevitably, this is where the “magic” happens. Instead of having to remember some line, the guest lights up when they talk about something they’re passionate about. 

When someone’s talking about their business, what they’re a professional at, they’re a true expert. As such, they know exactly what they’re talking about. So, their fear of the camera, of speaking, goes away. If it doesn’t go away entirely, they’re at least on “firmer ground,” so to speak, as they’re talking about something they know inside and out. 

Nothing Wrong With a 2nd Pass 

All of that having been said, there’s nothing wrong with doing things a second time. Obviously, if you may not have the time, but if you do, it’s fine to read what you wrote out loud. Run it through as many grammar and spell check things you can that you trust. 

If you’re doing a podcast/some kind of speaking (and it isn’t live) then there’s nothing wrong with a second take. (This does, of course, depend upon the nature and structure of the podcast). And then, even if it is “live,” in front of an audience, etc., it’s usually quite all right to elaborate on something you said previously, to emphasize it again.

A little revision, a bit of clarification, can go a long way towards creating better content. 

An Omnichannel Digital Marketing Agency to Help 

These are just some tips I use in my day to day work life. The truth is that they might work for you, some variation of them might work for you, etc. Content, though, is never going away. Content is always going to be necessary, in one form or another. Indeed, as an omnichannel digital marketing agency, we can tell you it’s going to be necessary in many forms. 

That’s where we come in. Here, we can help you with your content, your web development, SEO, Google Ads management, and so much more. To schedule a free consultation, you can call us or message us through our site.