Did Google Just Roll Out Our First Unnamed Algorithm?

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Changes occur all of the time where search engine rankings are concerned. Google regularly turns out updates to the algorithms they use that help determine the rankings that are seen as search results by the everyday users on the Internet, but most of the time industry experts are aware of when an update is coming and can therefore take the time to prepare clients and websites for the changes. However, it was recently discovered that there have been significant changes in Google rankings lately even though a roll out was not announced or expected. That has caused many experts to wonder – did Google just roll our first unnamed algorithm and make changes to their system?unnamed algorithm

Previous History 

In the past Google has usually made it known that there is some type of change coming and has most commonly named the updates they are providing, using Panda and Penguin as the versions of their algorithms along the way. Just within the last few weeks however, experts have noticed a big change that has occurred in rankings results with Google. The changes that seem to have occurred mostly influenced sites that were making use of brand keywords and terms, leading many to believe that the update is perhaps related to some type of brand bidding algorithm. The truth is, that since Google has not made any statements regarding whether or not changes were made or what they might be related to, there is no way to really know what it is for sure.

What to Speculate

There can be all kinds of speculation as to what the changes are and whether they are related to the next Penguin update that is expected from Google at any time. However, it has been noted that it may be in Google’s best interests not to let everyone know when they are implementing and changes and roll them out steadily, only making an announcement once everything is done and has stabilized.

What all of this can mean for you is that it is all the more important for you to make sure that you always have the best content possible used on your sites. Quality content is always going to help you within Google rankings. You should be ready to keep an eye on your site, listen to reports and check analytics so that you can clearly see when changes have happened to your site so you can make the proper adjustments. Contact us today to improve your google ranking and the quality of your site