How to Design a Website to Lift Online Sales?

How to Design a Website to Lift Online Sales

When you design your site to increase online sales, you should consider designing for humans. However, the tricks of conversion don’t end there. Instead, you must have a design that’s not ordinary.

Designing for sales, growth, and engagement

To do this, your design must be clean, so it focuses on your products and services. It must be clean and professional, and it must have high-quality images. Don’t put a lot of text, if it’s not necessary. Instead, make your users feel excited about buying your products or signing up for your services.

Your visitors will buy your products if they’re displayed on the homepage. It’s one of the most influential factors when it comes to purchasing. But what images should you consider? We recommend displaying your most popular products on the homepage. The reason for this is that you want to show off your products are already proven to be crowd-pleasers.

Making it easy for customers to call you

It’s obvious but not all site owners follow this rule. Displaying your phone number and email address prominently on every page will increase your site’s credibility with shoppers. Doing it this way will tell your visitors that you’re not a fly-by-night company. It also signifies that they can buy from your shop with confidence.

Addressing some pain points

Most popular sites with an increased rate of online sales have a copy that offers individual policies, such as a return policy or free shipping. They’re potential pain points that would address pain points of visitors so they can shop without worry.

One of the reasons shoppers abandon their shopping carts is shipping. Most of them leave the site because of high shipping costs. But if you offer free shipping with a great return policy, you can be sure that your online sales will go through the roof.

However, you must make those policies as detailed as possible. Instead of just putting free shipping, you should include “free shipping on orders above $40.” Doing it this way will make sure that your policies are consumer-friendly and that their expectations are set from the start.

How to Design Website to Lift Online Sales

Displaying prices and shipping clearly

Another thing that shoppers abandon their shopping carts is that some online stores hide the real prices or shipping costs. When it comes to pricing, you must be clear as possible. Make sure that the costs are listed prominently.

There are other ways to design your site to lift online sales. To know more about them, contact a web design expert to help you create an outstanding web design that improves sales and growth.