Are Your Data Safe in the Cloud?

Are Your Data Safe in the Cloud
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Cloud storage allows you to share your files and conduct business on the Internet. Dropbox and Google Drive are just two of the cloud storage companies that offer cloud services to protect your private data.

However, the safety of data in the cloud has been called into question after Dropbox reportedly warned its users to change its passwords. It happened after hackers invaded the site and stole some contact details of more than 68 million users.

But the attacks took place four years ago. It occurred when a worm worked its way to LinkedIn and stole a password of a Dropbox employee, who has been reusing the password to access the company’s network.

With that in mind, are your cloud data still safe?

Keeping your private data secure isn’t just the responsibility of your cloud provider. Rather, you’re also responsible for it. Hackers can easily access your data if you use a poor password. To make sure that your password is safe, you must avoid utilizing the same password on multiple platforms.

However, it is stated that the biggest concern of cloud storage isn’t about being hacked. It’s about losing your data.

Is cloud storage still a reliable solution?

After Dropbox hacking, you might be wondering whether or not cloud storage is still safe. It entails some risks. It’s also vulnerable to hacking. However, cloud storage is still reliable and safe as long as you use the right cloud storage provider.

It’s more reliable when you use it along with another storage system.

Are all companies using cloud storage?

It’s been estimated that 86 percent of businesses utilize multiple cloud storage systems. What this means is that most companies do trust cloud storage. They know that there are risks involved, but the benefits of it are actually worth the risk.

Are Your Data Safe in the Cloud

Despite the security concerns, the trend of a cloud isn’t stopping. In fact, it continues to rise every year.

Cloud services offer incredible tools for millions of business owners and site users. However, you should still be mindful of your data’s safety. A lapse in judgment could inadvertently put your digital assets at risk.

Remember, the whole breach that happened on Dropbox was the result of an employee recycling a password. If you don’t want it to happen, you should learn how to secure your password and make sure that it’s difficult for hackers to guess.

Turning your back on cloud services isn’t the best thing to do. However, be wary of how you use it and consider the type of data you’re storing in the cloud.