Danny Star Offers 2021 SEO Advice

Danny Star Offers  SEO Advice secondary

If there was ever a time for Danny Star to offer up some good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) advice, it would be the year 2021. The online landscape has changed so thoroughly that it is hard to keep up. From fiber-optic Internet becoming more widespread, to GPU shortages caused by pandemics and cryptocurrency, the online landscape has never flexed this hard in its life, so what should Danny have to say about it all.

Danny Star Says Stick to User Experience

The fact is that it always comes down to user experience. This is something that movie and game developers learn the hard way. From gaming companies stuffing their games with loot boxes and adverts to movie producers creating woke movies that white-male shame. In the end, if you are not giving the end-user what they want, you are doomed to failure (even if you are a movie company that seems too big to fail).

Danny Star

Only Publish Your Best Content

There is now so much competition that producing more at a higher rate has no effect. The old method we all used with search engines and YouTube was to create as much as possible as quickly as possible because overall you would get more traffic. However, there is now so much being published by so many that only the best and most promoted content is getting through. Less is more so long as the content you do create is your very best.

Do Not Be Dissuaded By Poor Traction

The odd thing about SEO, and similarly about YouTube, is that you can create your very best work and have it sit on the shelves for months getting no traction at all. This sort of thing often leads producers to create more stuff, different stuff, and/or to change things up. However, at some point, and for unknown reasons, your best stuff skyrockets and gains traction. Sometimes it takes weeks, months, or even years, but if your stuff is good then stick with it.

The prevailing theory about this phenomenon is that your content skyrockets once the paid content has expired. For example, let’s say you are working on a game guide for the game Days Gone. You notice that it does very poorly during the months after the release of the game. Then, suddenly it skyrockets with traffic.

This is because the big companies that were paying to promote their “Days Gone” videos, articles and podcasts are no longer investing the money. This means the search engines start a fresh search for top-quality content on the subject, and they find you. This means you do not pull down the big numbers that the other companies did. By the same token, they paid for their traffic whereas you are getting yours for free from search engines.

Any More Advice?

If you’re looking for more in-depth advice or tailored advice, then get in touch with SEO Expert Danny. The problem with taking advice off the Internet is that you have no idea if it’s still valid. In the same fashion, if it were ever valid. When taking advice from Danny Star, you get customized advice that applies to just your business or your website. It gives you a very powerful tool for getting ahead on the search engine results pages.