SEO Consulting Services That Drive Search Traffic and Results

SEO Consulting Services That Drive Search Traffic and Results

If you want your website to have the competitive edge it needs, make sure to consider Danny Star SEO consultation services. With more than a decade of experience in assisting companies to grow on Google, our SEO consultations know what to do to achieve top ranking and steal the spot from your competitors, thereby, increasing your traffic and conversions. 

What is Included in Danny Star’s SEO Consultation Services? 

It includes everything you need to understand where your website is in the search results so you will know where you can go and how to do it. Since every site’s needs are different, we provide you with a customized SEO plan. 

Detailed On Your Site 

To know the SEO opportunities on your site, our team of SEO specialists will dive deeper into your site. The audits will cover every aspect of what is best for SEO. In that case, you will receive a report about on-page optimizations, HTML markup, site structure, backlinks, off-site optimizations, etc. 

Research for the Right Keywords 

Not all keywords are right for your website. Danny Star’s SEO team will perform in-depth keyword research to find the keywords that make sense to target. We will deliver proven action items to ensure you will stand out in the competition. 

Outline a Plan 

After thorough keyword research, our team will outline the roadmap for SEO success. Our plan will take all your goals into account, including short-term and long-term projects. 


There’s no use in having a plan without proper execution. Our team will develop effective SEO strategies and implement them across all platforms. We will work with you so you can learn how to adopt the best practices for implementation. After execution, we will review and monitor your progress. We will also develop informative content and monitor results for your campaign. 

Analyze Your Competitor 

Your competitors know how important SEO is to their websites. Our SEO strategists will dive deeper into your top competitors to know how they are doing with SEO and find out what strategies are not working for them. We will also thoroughly check on their on-page optimization tactics, keyword targeting, and backlink strategy. In other words, we will reverse engineer what your competitors are doing to outrank them. 

Link Building Strategy

Link building is a vital tool in boosting your site’s ranking. Our SEO experts will launch a link-building campaign that strives for quality backlinks to avoid incoming links that can only hurt your site’s ranking. 


One of the vital parts of a successful SEO is to assess results. Evaluating them will ensure that the strategies are working well. We will perform the necessary refinement to ensure you are getting the results you desire. 

Get Your Estimate 

Each project is unique. To know how much you will spend on our SEO services, we’ll study your company and website first. Talk to us to know more about Danny Star’s SEO consultation services: (855) 605-7361.