Danny Star at Small Business Expo San Francisco!

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Thursday August 22nd 2019  is the date in which business owners of Northern California will have the opportunity to meet Danny Star at Small Business Expo San Francisco! This is the kickstart of Danny’s participation in several expos around the country including Los Angeles, San Diego, New York and many other major cities. At the expo, Danny will be present with some of the main team members of Website Depot, the Boutique Digital Marketing agency he founded more than 10 years ago.

In 2019 Danny will have the opportunity to present his brand new book Vision 2020; a complete guide about everything related to digital marketing and web design. He will also host his workshop “Small Business Owners Role in Digital Marketing” and introduce two of his most successful platforms. One of them is SEO Academy, an online learning website with more than 13 different courses. And the other is SEO Service Inc, his elite SEO Service for all sorts of businesses and independent contractors.


Danny Star at Small Business Expo Previous Editions

Danny is no stranger to those attending Small Business Expo. In 2018, he was present at the expo in Downtown Los Angeles and San Diego. In LA, the event was celebrated on October 18th at the California Market Center Penthouse. In this opportunity Danny and Website Depot team had the chance to network and meet important names in the industry including Roberto Martinez from Google!

Danny Star at Small Business Expo

Danny Star & Website Depot with Google’s Roberto Martinez!

Downtown LA was also the first occasion in which Danny hosted his workshops “Small Business Owners Role in Digital Marketing”. The workshop aimed to all kinds of business owners. And the main idea behind it is to give them a basic insight on Digital Marketing and how important and necessary it is in today’s business world. Assistants had the chance to have a direct back and forth with Danny, ask questions and meet him afterwards.

At Small Business San Diego, Danny had the chance to receive incredibly positive feedback from local marketers. It was also the opportunity to introduce locals to Websites Depot office in San Diego, which was the first of several satellite locations the agency opened since then: New York, Austin, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Sacramento followed. 

What will You Know About Danny at Small Business Expo?

During the several participations of Danny Star at Small Business Expo 2019, he will show attendants some really interesting features, such as:

  • A new, updated version of his workshop “Small Business Owners Role in Digital Marketing”.
  • The introduction to the learning platform SEO Academy, featuring 13 different courses dedicated to all aspects of digital marketing: social media, SEO, analytics and many more. Danny is one of the instructors at such platform so attendants will have the chance to ask directly to him all their questions about how can they take advantage of it; whether they are business owners, students or simple marketing enthusiasts.
  • Danny Star’s book  “Vision 2020”. This book is a complete and comprehensive guide about every aspect of digital marketing. From the basics with the fundamentals of SEO and web design to paid advertising and niche platforms. Danny’s book is already available on Amazon. Small Business Expo attendants will have the chance to buy it from Danny and get very interesting, convenient deals.
  • Danny Star’s marketing consultation service: an exclusive, face-to-face consultation with one of the most experienced and reputable marketing gurus in Los Angeles. Expo’s attendants will have the chance to book a 45 minutes consultation at an incredible special price. A unique opportunity to clarify any doubts and concerns about your business and understand how to make it more efficient and profitable.
  • SEO Service Inc, an elite SEO service that covers all aspects of this activity for businesses and contractors.
  • The introduction to all Website Depot satellite locations. In an effort to help local businesses all around the USA, Danny boosted the opening of several satellite offices around the country. Website Depot San Diego and New York have been working since late 2018 / early 2019 and now Austin, Las Vegas, Phoenix and Sacramento will count with Danny’s and Website Depot expert service.

Meet Danny at the Expo! 

As we mentioned several lines above, San Francisco is the kickstart of many participations at Small Business Expo by Danny. He will also be present at the expo in San Diego (09/27), Phoenix (10/24), Los Angeles (10/30), Brooklyn (11/20) and Austin (12/17). Information about Small Business Expo San Francisco 2019Thursday, August 22, 2019 from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PMAt The Hibernia Bank Building 1 Jones Street San Francisco, CA 94102

Danny Star & Website Depot booth:

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