Danny SEO Star Offers Content Marketing Advice for 2021

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Now that search engines use big data, user tracking, and personalized experiences to rank websites per each user’s requirements, it is time for Danny SEO Star to offer some content marketing advice for the year 2021.

Danny SEO Star Says a User-Focus is More Important Than Ever

If search engines are taking a stronger user focus, then so should you, your content and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should reflect a genuine user-centrist approach. You have your own needs and your own goals, but you should still be catering directly to the user. It is a little like dating. You may have your own needs, desires, and goals, but you do not approach a potential dating partner with an offer and then a list of your perks and benefits, nor do you spin a long and promotional tale either.

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To Update or Not to Update

As you probably know, the content on your website may act as a backbone for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Even if it doesn’t receive much traffic, it may stand as a key component of how the search engines, online directories, and online web spiders judge and rank your website. So, should you update or re-purpose it?

Probably the best answer to this question is that you shouldn’t. However, if you go over your content and it is now irrelevant and/or useless, or it represents a position or path that your website no longer takes, then you should rewrite, repurpose, or update it. However, if it is still relevant, but reasonably ignored, then keep it anyway.

Are Outgoing Links Important

They are not as important as you think, so do not fall over yourself to add them into your content. However, if you run a WordPress website, then keep your pingbacks and trackbacks enabled if you are going to link to other websites. The people who tell you that trackbacks and pingbacks are useless or old-fashioned are trying to hide the fact that the WordPress system is a very powerful way to rank up your website.

There is a reason why WordPress is so search engine friendly, and the trackback and pingback infrastructure is a key part of that. Search engines key into the infrastructure itself to help them map out websites, and it puts WordPress websites above all other types of similar websites. You can test this fact by simply disabling your ping-backs and trackbacks and then waiting a year. Look back over that year’s SEO analytics, and you will see an obvious deceleration in your website’s growth on search engines.

Updating Your SEO Knowledge

The fact is that there is so much inaccurate SEO advice out there that you are going to have a hard time keeping up with what is real and what is not unless you are working in the SEO industry yourself. That is why it is a good idea to take advice from people who are an active part of the SEO industry. Take tailored advice from SEO Expert Danny if you wish to maintain a strong and effective SEO and content marketing campaign.