Crawlability – Creating a More Successful SEO Program


Some of you may think that Google ranks sites based on content and backlinks alone. Although these are vital factors, they are not the sole aspects of search engine ranking. Search engine optimization also requires indexability and crawlability. Our SEO experts in Los Angeles recommend looking into these factors to help you create a successful and more competitive SEO campaign.

What is Crawlability?

Crawlers view your web pages. They follow the links you added on those pages. They jump from one link to another. Then, they gather the data and take it to the Google servers.

If your site has no issues with crawlability, then crawlers can view all of its content easily. They also follow links from one page to another. However, if your site has broken links, these might lead to crawlability problems.

What Is Indexability?

It is the search engine’s ability to view a page and add it to its index. Now, even if your site has no crawlability issues, it might still suffer from indexability problems.

That is, the pages on your site cannot be indexed. And that is a bad thing for your search engine optimization campaign.


The SEO Foundation

The search engines should be able to find your website for it to show up in search results. Thus, your first job when it comes to optimizing your site is to ensure that your site is visible to the crawlers.

Fixing your site’s robots.txt file is one of the things you can do to prevent crawlability issues. This little file is often ignored by some website owners. But it is a vital file that can make or break your campaign.

This file tells the crawlers the pages you want or don’t want indexed.

For better indexing, consider providing a well-designed site structure. To perform this task, you can update your sitemap. If not, you can opt to build it from scratch.

The recommended sitemap for search engine optimization will include your site’s categories and their sub-categories. Plus it should have product pages.

At SEO Expert Danny, our web developers will generate your sitemap from scratch. Or, if you already have a sitemap but wish to improve it, our developers can update it to ensure that Google’s crawlers can crawl and index it.

Once you are done updating your robots.txt, send it to various search engines. In that way, they can crawl your site again.

One of the things we avoid when building a site is using plug-ins such as Flash. However, it is a necessary feature for most websites. Flash can make your content invisible to the search engine crawlers. Because of this, it will not show up in search results. That’s why we convert it to HTML5, which is necessary for it to be indexed.

If you use Flash technology on your website and you wish to convert it to JavaScript or HTML for it to be crawled, you can contact our web developers. Our SEO experts will also look into your website to find out other ways for us to boost your site’s ranking. Get help for your search engine optimization campaign in Los Angeles and call us today at  +1 (213) 322-0770.