Crafting Page Title for Search Rankings After Google Page Title Update

Crafting Page Title for Search Rankings

A page title is vital for SEO. And our SEO experts will help you craft it to ensure your site or page will receive better rankings. It’s the first thing that a searcher will see in the search results. Google also uses it to know more about the topic of your page. But will you change your page title after Google recently updated its page title?

SEO Experts on Original Page Titles

According to John Mueller, the page’s original title will still be utilized to rank your page. You might have noticed some changes on the SERP when you search a topic on Google. There’s a “Title Changed” indicated in every result. Google changes the title for some pages and replaces them with text that Google thinks is more relevant to the user.

The new system of creating titles for web pages was introduced weeks ago. Google thinks that the new system works better in describing what the page is all about regardless of the original query. The company is using this new system because some title tags don’t exactly describe a page. They can also be too long or they are filled with irrelevant keywords.

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What Should You Do?

As mentioned, Google will continue to use the original title of the page. It’s currently the case for now. In that case, you should continue crafting better page titles. Since Google changes the title to truly describe what the page is all about, you need to consider what you include in the title.

Monitor What Title Google Displays

Although Google states that it will still use the original title, it doesn’t hurt to monitor the situation. Then, go back to your pages and adjust their titles. If the title doesn’t have the right width, make sure to edit it. In that way, Google won’t cut it off in the search results.

Keyphrase in the Title

When optimizing your title, you’re used to adding the keyword at the start of the title. But you can make it stand out by adding one or two words beside the focus keyword.

Brand in the Title

It depends on what you’re trying to achieve. However, most SEO experts, including Danny Star, would recommend including your site name. If people search for a topic and your brand appears on the results page several times, they might click your link even if they don’t the first time.

Furthermore, excluding your site’s name in the title tag may prompt Google to change the title for you. In that case, if you want to increase brand awareness, make sure to include your brand name in the page title.

Crafting Page Titles Well

Since page titles are the first things that searchers see when they search a topic on Google, you need to ensure that they are relevant to the topic. Write a good page title that describes what the page is all about. But you don’t have to spend time writing them if you hire SEO experts to do it for you. Read more about how our experts can help in boosting your SEO rankings by calling us here: (855) 605-7361.