Crafting a Good Press Release for your Business

press release

One of your biggest goals should always be to reach as many prospective clients as possible. There are many different ways to do this, such as advertising, social media, and positive word of mouth. However, it’s always good to make use of the ever-effective press. News sites, magazines, and other journalism outlets are vital in the growth of businesses. Therefore, when it comes to your publicity, one of the most important tools to keep in mind is a press release.

Press releases are documents sent in advance to news outlets for them to eventually report on specific information. These thoroughly outline relevant information of your intended announcement for the journalists who will write and report on it. These should include the necessary details you want to be known, as well as a specific format.

press release

Contents of a Good Press Release

It’s not rocket science to write a good press release, but it does require you to follow a specific standard format. Here’s the ideal structure of a press release:
Headline – The intended title of the piece, often worded in an enticing, exciting way
Dateline – The date of release and the city of origin of the newsIntroduction
– The first paragraph in the press release. It usually sums up the main aspects of the announcement, revealing the subjects and situation.
Body – The body expands upon the introduction with more specific details, data, numbers, or anything else that might be deemed relevant regarding the news.
Boilerplate – A brief section detailing the organization, company, or subject behind the announcement, explaining some of the background or any additional information.
Close – As a means to declare the information has ended, it’s custom to end a press release with either “-30-” or “####.”
Contact Information – Lastly, you have to include the contact information of your business by which the media can contact you. This includes name, phone number, email address, and mailing address.
Needless to say, it’s good to always proofread your press releases, making sure there are no errors and that the information itself is accurate and thoroughly explained. You don’t want to have to correct outlets after they’ve published something, or give wrong information to prospective clients.

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