Contest Ideas For Social Media

As a social media marketer, you need fans on social media. However, your fans become more valuable when you engage with them. To get more fans involved, you need to conduct contests. These contest ideas for Social Media will entice your followers to share your posts. Games are ideal for promoting your posts without having a massive investment. They can encourage people to tag their friends, comment on the posts and like them. In other words, they increase engagement. And if they love your contest, they will share your posts, thereby, extending your reach.

Furthermore, contests are cost-effective to help you stand out. You can opt for free tickets or VIP upgrades. But you need to give your audience a unique experience to catch their attention, considering the many contests that are popping up here and there.


One of the contests you might want to consider is sweepstakes. It’s quick and easy. You can quickly collect email addresses of your audience. Since you’re planning to communicate with them, make sure that you indicate it in your opt-in message.


It’s a typical contest on social media. In here, you can ask your fans to retweet your post so that they can enter the game and have the chance to win. But you need to state it in your post that your followers have to follow or retweet your post to enter.

Contest Ideas For Social Media


Ask your followers to post some photos with a particular branded hashtag that you provide. The photos can be about anything related to your brand or the industry. They can also be a specific holiday.


Tell your fans to tag their friends they would like to share the prize with if they won.


In here, you can gain insight and understand your audience better by asking them to answer a short survey. From there, you can choose a winner from those who participated in the study.

You can offer them free tickets or VIP experience as a prize for the winners. When you’re holding a contest, make sure that your sponsors and partners are fully involved. In this way, you don’t have to increase your budget just to provide the winners great prizes.

When you conduct contests on social media, make sure that the terms and conditions of the game are clear. And it is also vital that you read the rules of the social media platform you will use for the contest.

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