Which Content to Sell and Which One to Give for Free?

Which Content to Sell and Which One to Give for Free

Content marketing is vital to every website or business owner. But not all content should be given freely. There are times that you need to charge your customers to access the content. In this way, you can’t avoid giving away too much.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to know which content to sell and which one to give for free. As we all know, selling information is also good business. But knowing what content to give for free and sell will differ from one industry to another.

Before you can identify which one to give for free, you should first know the goal of your free content. Most of the time, free content attracts an audience as you grow your business. In other words, it can attract your specific target audiences so they’ll keep coming back.

Free content also encourages sharing of your ideas to their other friends. It can connect you with your peers and inform your market of your business’ value.

What content you must sell?

People are willing to pay information if it offers significant value. That is it can give them a massive transformation in their business or life. They’re also ready to pay if the information will cause them to receive lots of money after applying the tips and tricks you’ve mentioned.

People will also pay for the information that’s difficult to acquire online or anywhere else. The thought leaders of today are in their current positions because they’ve mastered a platform before anyone else.

Content Sell One Give Free

One of the reasons people will pay is that they trust the product. But that information must have highly perceived value and with warranty. They will also pay for details that are in-depth and not just randomly organized pieces of content.

People will also pay for a tailored advice. For example, you can offer your clients some programming solutions to a particular problem that they experience.

Since people want to be an insider, they want to know the secrets of the industry. And if the secrets will give them an advantage over their competitors, they’ll pay the price, no matter how much it is.

When you do provide free content, make sure that it’s not too complete. It’s not because you’re selfish but because you don’t want to overwhelm them. Then a free content should not reveal too much about the “how.” You may, however, offer the “what” and the “why.”

If you’re interested in selling information to your audience, you must consult an expert to get started with your business.