Content is the KING – On page optimization is MUST in SEO

Content is part of every website designing and setup process. It is also a major part of an SEO campaign, especially on-page SEO. Actually, it can be strongly said that on-page SEO is never complete without content. Needless to say, SEO is necessary for every website. A website without SEO is simply as a person without a name. SEO is vital as it is what search engine robots use to identify a site for ranking in line with the search phrase. There are several aspects of content as far as on-page, optimization is concerned, and they will be addressed succinctly here.

Before delving into the core, what is on-page SEO and why is content vital?

To put it simply and in a more understandable form, on-page SEO is those strategies applied to the admin format of the website. The other form, which can be loosely referred to as the opposite of on-page is off-page SEO. There are several strategies, which are used in on-page SEO, and the majority, almost 99% of them are related in a way or the other to keywords. The keyword is that phrase that the customer being targeted is most likely to type on the browser. It is possible to have more than one keyword for a site. There are primary and secondary keywords.on page seo

Keywords in content form a significant part of the optimization process. To ensure that the right keywords are used, it is important to first conduct keyword research. There are several strategies which to identify the most appropriate keyword, these include Google ad words, keyword tools…etc. these tools are able to capture the usage of various phrases by users and generate statistics which are vital for determining the right, affordable keywords, and their competition.

The other aspect of keyword usage in content is density. If you have been in content creation even for a day, you definitely know of keyword density and its impact. Even though it is a very useful thing, it can cost your website if it is too much. Google, which is the industry standard, has very strict guidelines on the usage of keywords. Over usage of the same is considered spam and the website is taken down and can even be penalized. So, what is the right keyword density? Unfortunately, there is no set standard for keyword density. The figures available are as a result of experience and observation made. A range of 1%-1.5percentage is considered to be the best.

In on-page optimization, keywords are also beneficial when placed in certain parts of the site. These include the title, the description, H1, H2…, image alt…etc. the primary objective of on-page is to achieve the top position in the search engines, or at least the top seven. This is possible if you know how to play with keywords and have them in the right places.

If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, there are affordable, experienced, and devoted web designers as well as SEO experts for the task.