Content Creation in 2019 – What is a Content Gap Analysis?

content gap analysis

Content creation in 2019 may still be the same as your content creation tactic in the past. However, if you wish to get it to a different level, our local SEO expert recommends expanding your topics and using a content gap analysis tool.

In other words, you must consider going beyond just describing your products and services. Instead, focus on answering your clients’ questions. If you are selling handbags, for instance, you can write and publish content about how to use handbags when attending a fashion show.

However, even if you take your content creation to a new level, you must still focus on the keyword you are targeting, and that requires competitor research.

Our local SEO experts perform research on various topics related to the keyword and compare them to our clients’ competitors.

Our SEO experts use a content gap analysis tool. A content gap analysis is a useful way to help you generate thousands of keywords that can help you create content that has nothing to do with
promoting what you sell.

However, you do not need to use all the keywords you found. Instead, you need to analyze them and segment a list of keywords. From there on, you can analyze how those phrases perform and compare them to how your competition works.

Unfortunately, this process can take up from a few weeks to a month. If you use one of our search engine optimization services, we will conduct a content gap analysis for the success of your SEO campaign.

content gap analysis

How Can a Content Gap Analysis Help You Communicate with Your Audience?

A content gap is a way for you to view your competitor’s content structure. In here, you can determine the topics and keywords that rank better. And from that information, you can use those topics to help you produce new content.

Before you conduct such analysis, though, it is best to perform a content audit. It is an ideal way for you to have a thorough understanding of your site’s content.

After conducting a content audit, you can determine the different types of content you have at various levels of the funnel.

This process will also help you find out how it is performing and know the ways on how to improve it.

A content gap analysis is vital to help you communicate more effectively with your customers and potential clients through their buying journey. The gap will tell you how your content strategy could meet your customers’ needs at every level of their journey.

You need to be the go-to website for your prospective customers. In that way, you can give your customers the information they need and they will not go somewhere else to find what you cannot provide.

This analysis also helps you keep your competition from stealing your clients. By filling in the gaps, your clients and potential customers will stay on your site, browsing and choosing to purchase from you.

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