Confused About Marketing? Think Of It Like a Conversation 

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“How do you market your company?” 

Ask that question to a business owner, and you’re liable to get many different responses. Many will start with: “uhhh….” 

Some more confident responses could include any number of “sales speak” phrases, like: “we shift our paradigms into win-win reciprocity, leveraged over multiple platforms,” etc. 

If you’re stuck and aren’t sure what to do, think of it as a conversation. 

Yes, it’s a conversation you’re directing and starting. Sure, it’s not exactly a “conversation” as you aren’t hearing the other side’s response in “real time.” 

But, if you treat marketing like a conversation as a baseline, you’ll have a good foundation to start from. 

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Be Sure to Speak Up 


Many folks (like myself) tend to hang back in conversation. 

Sure, we’ll pipe in when we feel confident in a response, but for the most part, we’re content to hang back until the moment is right. 

Unfortunately, you can’t really do that in your marketing. 

You have to speak up. 

In our modern era, online, digital marketing just isn’t a “like to have” anymore. It’s not the kind of thing that you can just “wait for the moment to be right” about. 

You have to get in there and do it. 

For a lot of business owners, it can feel like they’re “doing too much” or “putting themselves out there a lot.” Those are real concerns, but, the success of your business growth depends, in large part, on making sure that your online marketing reaches the right people. 

Think of marketing as a conversation, but it’s one where you have to speak up to get attention. 

You’re not standing in a circle, waiting for your turn to speak. 

Rather, you’re in a large room, trying to best get the attention of the folks who want to hear you. Those are the people who could be interested, but they just might not know it yet. 


That Said, Don’t Speak Too Much 


Just about no societal faux pas annoys me more than the person who won’t stop talking. 

We’re in a group, we’re having a nice time, and there’s one person who just goes on and on about themselves. It’d be one thing if they have an interesting story to share, something fascinating to relate, alas, no. 

While it’s not an exact “one to one” correlation, you want to be careful about avoiding this in your marketing, too. 

People want to hear from you, but they don’t want to just hear about you. 

Someone who talks about themselves and what makes them great exclusively is not someone that you’re really going to want to talk to for long. 

It certainly isn’t someone that you’ll seek out to hear more from. 

In terms of marketing, this rarely manifests itself as posting too much on social media or something. Instead, it usually comes out as “only talking about the company and what they can do.” 

These are the companies that, when you read their content, it’s just about their products, their goods, their services – them. 

Breaking it up, talking about ways that the company helps in the community, employees for the company, or just something other than “ways people can give your company money” can help so much here. 


Be Sure to Check In 


During the pandemic, so many lives were uprooted, routines changed, and so forth. Many of us haven’t thought about companies or businesses that we frequented, just because our lives have been so drastically altered. 


So, your company could greatly benefit from starting an email campaign. Or, alternatively, something else that tells customers “hey, we’re still here, still doing business.” It doesn’t matter how long ago the customers used your company, they could still benefit from what you offer today. 


Reading over the above can seem like too much. It can seem like that “middle ground” is infinitesimal, almost impossible to find. As ever, here at Website Depot, we can help. We can put together a marketing plan for you that will find the “sweet spot” that’s just right. For more: (888) 477-9540.