Comedy Will Attract Traffic, But Is Not Search Engine Friendly

You “can” get traffic with good comedy. You can get it for your website, you can draw it from search engines, it will arrive via apps, web spiders will seek it out, and it will certainly arrive through social media. Funny content, be it videos, jokes, stories, GIFs, or whatever, will get traffic to your website. But, and here is the kicker, “It is not very search engine friendly.”

The Big Reason Why Funny is Not Search Engine Friendly

To put it simply, the traffic stops when the funny stuff stops. Do you remember those Simpsons clip shows? They may fly on mainstream TV, but they are poison to a funny website or social media channel. If you want to clear out your subscribers and your fans quickly, start posting old stuff or recycling old material.

People will follow your funny posts and your funny websites, and they will show their friends, they will link to you and they will share your stuff online. BUT, they are a very fickle audience. Their loyalty to you is only as strong as your last joke.

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Do you know how many comedy websites have lost hundreds of viewers because they made fun of Donald Trump? Do you know how many subscribers were lost because the “funny” website tried to attack the fandom menace, or the Fallout76 haters? It is not just your jokes going stale that can kill your website, striking out at the wrong people can do it too.

Dealing With The Contradiction

Wait a minute, how can the introduction say that funny stuff attracts traffic, backlinks and social media shares, and then say that comedy is “not” search engine friendly?

It is because the social media and search engine attrition you receive is for your comedy. If you are trying to use comedy to sell your lawn mowers, then you will never sell any lawn mowers, no matter how much traffic you attract. Plus, the moment you try to deviate away from comedy to be serious for a second (or to sell), then people will abandon you.

Unless your website is selling comedy-related content, then using comedy to gain a search engine benefit will never work for you.

Conclusion – There Are Two Ways to Exploit Comedy

We at have found only two ways to exploit comedy. The first is to simply create a comedy website and then either use your website to entertain people and splice in a few adverts here and there. Or, you could create a comedy website and then sell comedy-related merchandise like shirts featuring your beloved characters.

The second method by which you can exploit comedy is to make your comedy an afterthought. You need to concentrate all of your efforts on normal SEO for whatever products you are selling, and then only use comedy as an afterthought once the hard work has been done. It is like selling ice cream, and the comedy are the free sprinkles. People are not coming for the sprinkles, they are coming for the ice cream, but they are pleased to receive the sprinkles.

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