CMS Web Design in Los Angeles Hacks to Increase Site Conversions

CMS Web Design in Los Angeles
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Our CMS web design in Los Angeles utilizes principles of psychology when designing a website. We believe that it can affect the conversion rate of any website as we can implement hacks that get people to click on your CTA. 

CMS Web Design in Los Angeles Recommends Keeping a Distraction-Free Design 

People like to perform a simpler task. This type of task requires less strain. If your site is easy to understand, your visitors will have no difficulty making a purchase. 

In that case, opt for a minimalistic design that guarantees your site will have no distracting elements. When you have organized content, your potential customers can navigate it easily without being overwhelmed. 

They do not have to jump away from your site as they are not overwhelmed by its complexity. Furthermore, your visitors will be directed to where you want them to go. It increases the chances of conversion. 

CMS Web Design in Los Angeles

Prune Number of Choices 

When people encounter a lot of choices, their brain takes time to make a decision. Thus, when you offer them a great number of options, they are overwhelmed, thereby, making it more difficult for them to decide. 

Indeed, visitors will increase when you have a great number of choices. However, the actual conversion remains low. But when you choose to give them fewer options, your number of visitors will go down but the actual conversations will increase. 

On your website, make sure to have a clear call to action. Limit their choices, especially on the pricing and checkout pages. 

Provide a Sense of Urgency 

If people are in an urgent situation, they are forced to take action immediately. With urgency, your visitors will feel the fear of missing out. When you use it in moderation, it can be an effective tool in pushing visitors to act, thereby, increasing your conversions. 

As you showcase scarcity, it creates a sense of urgency. For instance, you may provide them a free e-learning course for a limited period. 

Use Relevant Images 

Images can cause emotional resonance with your visitors. They can help them resonate with your brand. Thus, leverage human images to take advantage of human emotions and capture visitors’ attention where you need it. 

You may add an image of a person that looks in the direction of your call-to-action button. This will encourage your visitors to click on the button as they follow the gaze of the person in the photo. 

The use of happy faces will also work as it creates emotional resonance with your company. Happy faces can help visitors in connecting with you. 

What to Do Next? 

Call our designers today to discuss these hacks. Some of these hacks may not apply to all websites. If that is your case, we will implement other strategies that can guarantee your site’s higher conversions. Our CMS web design in Los Angeles is just a call away. If you need any help in setting up your site or make a site from scratch, we are the company you are looking for in LA. Give us a call today at (888) 477-9540.