CMS vs. Classic Web Design

CMS vs. Classic Web Design
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A website is one of the most powerful tools for your marketing campaign. The best way to have a website is to have it built by a webmaster. Nevertheless, it does not pain to know what it takes to build a website; moreover, it will give you the necessary decision making power for example, how much time it will take to have the site up and running and how much you should pay. This brings to the table the old question about CMS vs. Classic Web Design for your platform.

cms vs classic web designA website can be built through two major ways; content management systems (CMS) or the classic web design. The first method used to build websites was the classic method which uses HTML. HTML is a complex language that takes long to learn. In addition to the learning period, it is complex and a single mistake can cause an entire website design project to crumble. On the other hand, CMS is a platform on which you don’t have to deal with the complex HTML. Some of the popular CMS platforms include WordPress, Joomla, modX, TextPattern, and RefinaryCMS.

What is the difference between classic web design and CMS?

While the two website design methods will produce the same product – a website, the way to realize this is the difference. As earlier stated, the classic web design method requires a webmaster who is well informed of HTML and the C language. This method requires a lot of typing and a keen eye to detail. In case of a single type, then the website might not work or will malfunction. As a result of these features, it is very expensive to build a website using this method and it takes much time.

On the other hand, CMS can be used by any person who needs a website without so many details. Even though the backbone of CMS is HTML, it provides a webmaster with an easy tool that has a user interface. Depending on the type of CMS you are using, it is very easy to build a website. Some of the easiest CMS platforms include but not limited to WordPress and Weeby. While using CMS web design, it takes only a few minutes to an hour and half depending on the features of the website. For a typical five page, website, an hour is enough to build and launch a full website, with the majority of time being consumed by the installation of the CMS and hosting.

Even though the classic method allows you to get a website that looks exactly like you want, the same benefit can me derived from CMS, by customizing the HTML as you desire. However, unless you know what you are doing or have the services of a qualified webmaster, don’t touch these codes.

Regardless of your choice, give Website Depot a call today, and we’ll build you a site that you’ll love!