Chrome Extensions for SEO Experts

Chrome Extensions for SEO Experts

Your SEO task’s efficiency can be improved using several tools. In this post, you’ll find some Chrome extensions that are perfect for SEO experts and practitioners. They’re especially useful if you perform most of your SEO tasks manually.

Check My Links

It’s a useful Chrome extension when you need to check on-page links. Check My Links makes it easy and more efficient to identify those links on your page. By simply making a few clicks, you can now identify the number of links present on a page. What’s great is that it gives you a picture of which ones are working and which links are returning 404 errors.

It’s especially helpful if you wish to identify broken links on your site and others. When you identify those links, you can contact the site’s owners and offer a new resource that they can link to.

Word Count

If word count is a critical component of your SEO audit, then this extension is a useful tool for that purpose. With this tool, you can easily perform a high-level overview of the number of words on a certain page.

Having this extension will shorten the path of copying and pasting a paragraph in a Word just to know the word count.

User-Agent Switcher

Chrome Extensions for SEO Experts

Every browser is different. Your website will also look different depending on the browser of the user. With this Chrome extension, you can easily view how your site looks on a certain browser or device.

This tool is useful if you’re trying to troubleshoot your site. You’ll also find SEO errors that you might not see. For instance, if you want a screenshot of your Google ranking on a mobile device and compare it to a desktop device, then this extension will carry out that task for you. It can do so without having to fumble through your mobile and tablet.


These Chrome extensions can definitely increase your productivity and efficiency as an SEO expert or practitioner. As a result, you can finish several tasks that can normally take a few days to complete.

We do recommend experimenting with them. When you use one or some of them, your SEO efficiency will increase exponentially.

If you wish to know more about the other Chrome extensions or how to improve your effectiveness in SEO, please contact us today. We can give you more tools to improve your SEO effort.