What Are The Changes In Search Engines?

Search is still the number one way people use to look for products and services. And it’s a dominant method to reach potential clients online. Google, for instance, boasts more than 3.5 billion searches a day. So following  the changes in Search Engines is an essential part of your overall Digital Marketing Strategy.

Before, the rules to create content were mediocre. You just needed to have a lot of content on your website as you target popular keywords. From there, you could capture leads by offering clients additional content to their visitors. However, search engines have evolved. Those methods of the past decade are no longer valid.

What are the changes in Search Engines about?

Searchers change how they search for information. Before, if a person wants to find a restaurant in Los Angeles, he would just type in “restaurant in LA.” But searchers, today, are using a more conversational tone. For example, instead of using “restaurant in LA,” they would use “seafood restaurant near me.”

Furthermore, searchers are now using four or more words in length. More than 20 percent of searches are on Android and iOS devices. Virtual assistants, like Siri and Alexa, train users to be more conversational when they search. As a result, search engines will provide more value to websites that offer quality and quantity content online.

The search engine updates resulted in more quality search results, thereby, giving you an overall search experience. Before, search results were based on exact matches. With the latest updates, searches are more intuitive. They look for intent. The searches are based on the user’s query.

Getting the proper guidance

What Are The Changes In Search Engines

Because of these updates, content creators have to write more quality content for their users, instead of just stuffing in keywords just to show up higher in search results. But the updates do not mean that keywords are no longer relevant. Then again, if you wish to drive more traffic to your website, you need to change your focus.

For instance, instead of focusing on keywords, you should concentrate on the topics. That is, if you wish your site to be known for “natural remedies for migraine,” you must build your content based on that topic and its related sub-topics. You can have separate blogs for every sub-topic. The use of tags and categories can also help.

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