Celebrating 10 Years of SEO and Website Design in Los Angeles 

website design in Los Angeles
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Ten years. 

That’s how long Website Depot has been around. 

A full decade. 

It’s a little hard to believe. Even though, in many ways, it feels inevitable. 

I’m probably not the best chronicler of Website Depot’s past. 

After all, I came to the company in June of 2018. So, I haven’t been here nearly as long as many others. 

Unlike many of the other blogs I write on this site, I was assigned this topic. So, I had to go back through the pictures, the site, the videos, and find out more about the digital marketing agency I work for. 

In doing so, I learned a lot about what has and hasn’t changed with our SEO and website design in Los Angeles

website design in Los Angeles


A Digital Marketing Agency Born in the Recession 

To start with the story of Website Depot, you have to start with the Great Recession. 

That’s where Website Depot came from. 

I’ve heard Danny say it on podcasts, to me personally, and I’ve actually read the words in the audio version of his book. 

When basically everything had crumbled down all over, Website Depot was built from the ashes. 

The original office was, as I’ve been told, “some small place in Van Nuys,” and it grew from there. There are employees who were there at the beginning that are here today, too. 

When I’m told about the beginnings of Website Depot, I’m always struck by how the story doesn’t just “take off.” There’s never really a moment where “one day we were small, a big event happened, and then we’re big.” 

Essentially, since the beginning, it’s the story of people working hard and being rewarded for it. 

Sure, many folks improved at what they were doing, but it’s not like Website Depot was offering inferior services then. 

Rather, it’s just that everyone kept working and it, well, worked out. 

That’s not to say that it was “easy,” of course, or that it was a foregone conclusion that Website Depot was going to be doing great in a decade’s time. 

But, Website Depot is a real testament to the idea (someone would say cliche) that if you keep working hard, good things are going to happen. That’s one of those phrases that can make people roll their eyes, in no small part because they can instantly think of a million exceptions to that idea. 

Website Depot, though, shows that there really is something to it. That’s not to say that the company wasn’t fortunate at one time or another. 

Not all of it has been smooth (as these blooper videos, showcasing what can happen in the day of the life of trying to provide the best SEO in Los Angeles) can attest. 

But, working hard is still the best way to put yourself in a position to be rewarded. 

website design in Los Angeles


Changing With the Times, Changing With the Clients 

The oldest Website Depot blog I can find on the site goes back to July 10th, 2012. It talks about how many millions of Americans go on the internet every day. That number is no doubt a bit higher all of these years later. 

Yes, folks look younger in some of the pictures from back then. Perhaps there is a bit less gray. 

To me, the most interesting changes about the company are those that came about from the clients. 

From its inception, Website Depot wasn’t designed to be a company with so many attorney clients, or rehab/treatment center clients, or plastic surgery clients. But, that’s what happened. 

Website Depot had real success with one, and then another found out, signed on, and so forth. That’s not to say that Website Depot only caters exclusively to those clients, far from it. The industries we have clients in are as diverse as ever. 

In the past, Danny told me about being proud that Website Depot came out from the Recession to grow so strong. As someone that wasn’t there for that, I can speak to being proud that the company has grown through the pandemic. 

Looking through the old pictures, those were the ones that struck me the most: folks having a good time right before the pandemic hit. A client sending tacos over for Website Depot having done a good job, each of us unaware of what was to happen shortly. 

website design in Los Angeles

Today, Website Depot really is doing better than ever. The company came out stronger. It wasn’t easy, but folks kept working, and here we are. 

While that may seem like a recent development, it’s actually how things have been all along. 

It’s a testament to that, even if things are bumpy for a moment, you keep working, and you’ll soon get it right. 

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