CBD SEO Can Still Be Pretty Tricky

CBD SEO Can Still Be Pretty Tricky

The rules regarding CBD have relaxed quite a bit over the years. There are still plenty of places and plenty of countries where this sort of thing will get you into a lot of trouble. However, on the whole, it has become easier to market your CBD products, which means it has become easier to conduct your CBD SEO. Still, it can be pretty tricky.

It is Still Pretty Untested

You can contact a data collection company right now and get some pretty good insights on how the housing market is promoted, what factors affect their trends, what indicators suggest changes in the online landscape, and what SEO methods are the most powerful at certain times of the year. You can buy books and watch courses all about SEO for people who work within the housing industry and market. This is because it is a long-standing, tried, and tested industry where lots of data have been gathered about how to market and promote various aspects. 

But none of this is true with CBD. Nobody is going to offer you reliable 20-year trends on how it is sold. Nobody is going to offer you hundreds of thousands of streams of data on how it is marketed and how its SEO is affected by various factors. The industry is young in the mainstream, so marketing is young and SEO is young. Getting good and reliable information is still challenging.

Check Who is Offering You Advice 

This is partially because the promotion and SEO of this industry are still young, but perhaps it is also due to the culture of what is being sold. Suffice it to say that there is some really silly unproductive advice out there. There is advice that ranges from telling people to create hundreds of social media accounts and then post CBD content, to advice that people in your social group will “Big up” your website to make it “Massive.” Frankly, CBD SEO is tricky because some of the advice you are getting from the Internet is unproductive.

What Should Work – Does Not Work

There are some legitimately popular websites offering SEO advice for CBD products. You try the methods they offer and soon discover they don’t work. Part of the reason it doesn’t work is that other CBD promoters are doing it wrong too. Think of it like a big boat race. In other industries, each boat knows it is supposed to go in one direction, each knows it has to stay above water, and each knows it needs propulsion. Then, take the CBD industry and boats are going everywhere. It is tough to come out on top and win when nobody knows where they are going.

In reality, it is better to run a few Google searches and see which of your competitors appear near the top. You should then run your SEO the same way they do. If they are investing heavily in backlinks from guest posts, then you do the same. If they are investing heavily in paying directories, paying social media influencers, or even investing in offline marketing, then you are better off copying them than you are taking the advice of online articles and videos.

Get Some Real Help

There are some SEO companies that can sell anything. There are some that can rank up even the most troublesome websites. If you need help with your CBD SEO, then get in touch with SEO Expert Danny and get the help that offers long-term benefits to your website and your brand.