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Y and Y Recovery

About the Client

Y and Y Recovery is an addiction treatment center in Los Angeles that provides those struggling with substance abuse with a variety of detoxification and rehabilitation programs. They intend, with the help of their staff, to care for those fighting addiction and to pave a reliable path towards recovery for them.

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The Problem

As is the case with any kind of clinical facility, there tends to be a set demand and a lot of offer. That’s not to say that there is an excess in the offer, but that it can sometimes be hard to reach the target audience if there are a lot of different options available and there is no real way of increasing the audience in the first place. This is especially true of smaller facilities with low capacity and high client turnaround. There needs to be a consistent stream of new clients and a good marketing strategy will always be the best way to achieve that. Here is where Website Depot stepped in.

The Solution

Digital marketing for rehabilitation facilities is one of Website Depot’s specialties, which is why this kind of approach is practically second nature to us by now. It was first necessary to start with revamping and optimizing Y and Y Recovery’s digital presence. Their website needed not only design work but also optimization in order for the digital marketing strategy to take effect. After all, you can put in a lot of effort into your marketing, but if your website isn’t solid enough, it will be hard for everything to work together. By implementing search engine optimization, we could make sure that it would work in conjunction with our digital marketing package and deliver the best possible results.


As a result of our efforts with Y and Y Recovery, their website was properly optimized to attract, receive, and retain an audience. This meant that any digital marketing efforts on our end would, in turn, build off of their digital presence and complement it at a useful capacity. In the end, it all managed to pay off with an increased lead generation, as well as a better network to reach out to people struggling with addiction and provide them with the care they needed.