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Sober District

About the Client

Sober District is a substance abuse treatment center in Van Nuys, California that provides those who are struggling with the effects of addiction with comprehensive and caring recovery programs. They are a vital part of their local community since their rehabilitation programs serve as a sanctuary for people currently burdened with substance abuse who are looking for a path towards sobriety.

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The Problem

As tends to be the case with any kind of clinical facility, there tends to be a set demand and a lot of offer. That’s not to say that there is an excess in the offer per se, but that it can sometimes be hard to reach the target audience if there are a lot of different options available and there is no real way of increasing the audience in the first place. This is especially true of smaller facilities with low capacity and high client turnaround such as Sober District. There needs to be a consistent stream of new clients, and a good marketing strategy will always be the best way to achieve that. Here is where Website Depot stepped in.

The Solution

Helping Sober District needed a comprehensive approach to their existing online presence, so we tackled this by optimizing their site while thinking locally. After all, the audience was going to be coming from within the community, which meant that it was necessary to target the people who were already looking for these services in the general Van Nuys area and its surrounding cities and neighborhoods. This way, we could reach the built-in audience for this kind of clinic and allow the website to be found by those who are already looking for it. With this in mind, we were able to better address the shortcomings of Sober District’s existing digital presence and enhance it with locally-focused keywords and relevant written content.


Thanks to the efforts on the part of the Website Depot team, the Sober District website was able to climb up the ranks of the relevant search engine queries in order to satisfy the demand for rehabilitation services in the area. They were able to increase the leads generated through their website and reach a whole new subset of clients who had been looking for rehabilitation facilities online with the help of a smart, keyword-based approach to SEO.