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Saving My Tomorrow

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Saving My Tomorrow is an addiction treatment center in Sylmar that provides those struggling with substance abuse with a variety of detoxification and rehabilitation programs. They intend, with the help of their staff, to care for those fighting addiction and to pave a reliable path towards recovery for them.

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The Problem

As is the case with any kind of clinical facility, there tends to be a set demand and a lot of offers. That’s not to say that there is an excess in the offer, but that it can sometimes be hard to reach the target audience if there are a lot of different options available and there is no real way of increasing the audience in the first place. This is especially true of smaller facilities with low capacity and high client turnaround. There needs to be a consistent stream of new clients and a good marketing strategy will always be the best way to achieve that. Here is where Website Depot stepped in.

The Solution

Digital marketing for rehabilitation facilities is one of Website Depot’s specialties, which is why this kind of approach is practically second nature to us by now. It was going to be necessary to revitalize Saving My Tomorrow’s online presence with the help of original content and an optimized website. Once the website was properly optimized with relevant keywords and targeted content, local SEO was implemented in order to better allow the intended audience in their area to find the treatment center and use their services. This hands-on, multifaceted approach would be necessary in order to help the center stand out among its local competition.


Following Website Depot’s intervention in Saving My Tomorrow, the treatment center was better equipped to establish an effective digital marketing strategy. This allowed our team to then go all in on local SEO, which is vital in cases such as these in order to properly capture a relevant and interested audience. Thanks to the joint efforts of our team and theirs, Saving My Tomorrow was able to better provide its services for its community and its surroundings. Now, those in the San Fernando Valley who are struggling with addiction are able to better find Saving My Tomorrow and, subsequently, a path to recovery.