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About the Client

PCI Centers is a Los Angeles-based psychological care center that provides treatment for those struggling with mental illness and substance abuse. Through their different specialized programs, they are able to target specific ailments that psychologically affect certain populations and help them through their recovery. There is a wide array of psychological conditions that many people need help with, and PCI Centers can reliably be there for them.

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The Problem

As is the problem with a lot of similar treatment centers, it can be challenging to market a business for an unchanging population. This means that, unlike most commercial products, marketing won’t exactly create any new customers. You can’t really increase the target population of a psychological treatment facility. However, you can raise awareness within the audience that is already there. Local digital marketing is a very delicate matter due to the limited audience and the often high competition. That’s hard to approach without a smart digital marketing strategy, which is exactly what Website Depot could help them with. That’s where our team stepped in.

The Solution

In order to address the main issue with PCI Centers’ online presence, it was first going to be necessary to implement local search engine optimization. After all, PCI Centers would most definitely find its intended public in the local community. This meant it would be important to make sure that their online resources were designed to reach the relevant queries coming from the community and the general area. By optimizing their website with relevant keywords, as well as the creation of properly crafted original content. In conjunction, these strategies, if properly implemented, can make sure that a local business stands out among its competitors in the digital landscape.


Thanks to the marketing efforts on the part of the Website Depot team, PCI Centers was able to narrow down their marketing efforts and, therefore, better reach their intended audience. In doing so, they increased the number of leads generated through their website and, in turn, on the clients that reached out to them. Now they are able to better reach those in Los Angeles who are struggling with mental health and substance addiction issues. This is why local search engine optimization is so important for businesses such as these.