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Oro Club

About the Client

Oro Club is a jewelry retailer, as well as a multi-level marketing network meant to help people establish a reliable financial base with the help of the sale of such jewelry. This Latino-owned business specifically helps the Latino population of the city, allowing them to reach financial freedom on their own, but with a support network under them.

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The Problem

As a Latino business meant for the hispanic population of Los Angeles, Oro Club needed to have a strong digital presence that could easily be found and interacted with by English and Spanish speakers alike. Not only that, but they needed to be equally but individually optimized in order to target search queries in both languages to a similar capacity. When dealing with bilingual websites, one must be very careful, for the different languages might actually sabotage them when it comes to their placement in search engines. Grammar and spelling are important in regards to the website’s standing and whether or not it’s deemed readable or not. These were key issues to address.

The Solution

So, in order to better help the Oro Club platform reach its intended area, it was necessary to properly optimize both the Spanish and the English language websites. We did this by properly separating these two sites and implementing SEO in both languages to get the site ranking for both English and Spanish speakers. In order to better enhance the website in these terms, we also made sure to create new original written content, especially in Spanish, and inject it with new energy meant to help it all standout. These efforts, in tandem, can do what’s necessary to better elevate a business’s digital presence to the next level.


As a result of the efforts on the part of the Website Depot team, the Oro Club website was better prepared to both attract and handle traffic from prospective customers. As a membership service, Oro Club isn’t just interested in one-time customers, but rather in those looking to become members as well. This meant that the continuous marketing efforts on the part of our team were important to make sure a consistent stream of new visitors arrived to the website and contracted its services. As always, our best interests lie with our clients’, so we adapted our efforts to this model in order to better serve them.