Can You Use SEO And PPC Together?

If you’re new to SEO and PPC, you might wonder whether or not you can use them together and how. Some of our clients at SEO Expert Danny opt to use them together. We found that there are many benefits when you use SEO And PPC Together. However, the advantages will indirectly affect your website’s performance.

Increase search engine presence

With SEO, your site will have better chances of appearing on the first page of the SERP for some keywords that you target. And when you purchase PPC ads for those keywords, your ad may appear near the top of the SERP. In other words, you can be sure that your brand will dominate the SERP. Furthermore, it’ll have a better chance of getting valuable clicks.

Recover clicks

If your brand ranks number 1 for a particular keyword, you may think that you’ll no longer need PPC ad for that keyword.

However, if you pause your search ads for a particular keyword, the majority of that traffic won’t be replaced by organic rankings. That said, pausing the ads could affect your traffic negatively, even though your site’s ranking is number 1.

It means that PPC can help recover clicks and interests from searchers. PPC can also help in drawing in traffic from people who are looking for products and services.

If your website ranks fairly because of your SEO campaign, then it’s drawing in a significant amount of visitors.

Use Seo and PPC together

Unfortunately, not all shoppers make up their mind and purchase your products when they see them. And this is where SEO and PPC come in.

Combining the two will help you re-market your products and services to bring visitors back to your site. From there, they can complete their purchase.

For instance, if John Smith is looking for a pair of jeans on your website but has not made up his mind yet, then you can show him the ads for the same jeans at a later time by purchasing an ad space. The ads will remind him to come back and complete his purchase.

In other words, combining these two methods will help you reach your previous visitors and entice them to come back so that they can complete their purchase. Without this remarketing technique, they may have forgotten all about your products entirely.

Unfortunately, it requires a strategy to create a perfect SEO and PPC marketing campaign. But SEO Expert Danny can help. As a leading SEO agency in Los Angeles, our experts can produce best results for your brand.

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