Can eCommerce Benefit from AMP?

Can eCommerce Benefit from AMP

Some of you are wondering whether or not it’s worthwhile to integrate AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) into an eCommerce site. At the moment, AMP is more focused on long-form articles. That said, eCommerce websites may not be able to benefit from it. However, if your eCommerce site has an integrated blog, then you can take advantage of it.

Google is only sending traffic to news websites that are optimized for AMP. At this time, your eCommerce site doesn’t have to setup an AMP page. What you need to focus on now is to make sure that your eCommerce website is mobile-friendly.

If you have several articles outside your sales funnel, you can make use of AMP. Then again, it’s important to distinguish what counts as an article. Bear in mind that AMP relies on structured data markup that’s outlined on For, an article is considered as a piece of a report. A magazine, for example, is considered as a new article as it covers different types of posts. It’s also intended to cover all topics.

With that in mind, not all pages of your eCommerce site won’t qualify as an article for the framework of Google’s project. Then again, the articles found in your blog can meet AMP’s requirements. That means, your landing page won’t count as an article. It may be a piece of content, but it’s not considered as an article that’s defined by Google or

However, your long-form and step-by-step posts that you give to your readers can qualify as articles. If your business’ blog contains several posts that aren’t focused on what your company wants, rather what your clients or customers want to hear, then they may qualify for AMP. That is if your blog content is geared towards providing your customers with pieces of information that they wish to have in a format that includes a lot of text.

eCommerce Benefit from AMP

If you would like to make your site optimized for AMP, you must have a long-form blog content. But make sure that the articles provide information that your customers want and not what your business wants. The articles must be in a decent amount of text.

While you’re building a long-form content, you should consider using AMP. It’s still relatively new, but you could already take advantage of the framework to get ahead of the competition. You may use it as a new entry point for your prospective customers and lead them to your website’s sales funnel.