How You Can Compete with Big Companies in SEO?

How You Can Compete with Big Companies in SEO

As online searches continue to increase and evolve, search marketing is just getting more popular. Large or small businesses have a kind of web presence. That makes it more difficult for your business to compete, especially if you’re just starting out.

Thankfully, SEO it’s not about whether your business is big or small. It’s also not about having the largest library of great content. Rather, SEO is all about what’s relevant to your target market.

There are several strategies that you can use to help you compete against your bigger competition.

Use long-term keyword strategy

This strategy is about niche specialization. In here, you’re sacrificing the minimal relevance in a great volume of topics so you can have maximum relevance in a smaller amount of subjects.

Through this strategy, you’re fighting for maximum ranking potential by using less popular keywords. Google likes long-tail keywords because they’re more specific. With that in mind, it’s quite easier for you to rank higher for longer keywords than shorter keywords.

Although these keywords, will only bring in less traffic, they’re more valuable to your small business.

You may use Webmaster Tools to search for long-tail keywords. These keywords also tend to appear naturally in your content.

Specialize in your niche

As a small business, you can give it a niche focus. Regarding online search visibility, it’s not ideal to cover several areas of expertise. If you really wish to compete against big businesses, it’s better that you take a niche focus.

By focusing on one niche, you can easily concentrate on a handful of keywords. It’s also easy for you to achieve higher visibility doing it this way.

Can Compete Big Companies SEO

Use local optimization

You can also beat your competition when you target your local audience. In today’s context, local search is becoming more important. Even if your business tackles a national level, you can capture a niche market to compete in one key area by simply optimizing your business for a local area.

You can maximize local searches by making sure your business is on Yelp and other local reviews. Google’s latest algorithm update showed that those sites that are on Yelp and other similar sites received a huge growth.

Google is getting better at categorizing neighborhoods. That said, you can easily take local search a huge step further by using keyword specific to your area, rather than just city or state names.

Even if you adhere to these suggestions, there’s still no shortcut to the top of the search engine page. However, these tactics can greatly improve your ability to compete against giants.