What Can Affect My Google Ranking?

What Can Affect My Google Ranking
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When it comes to online advertising, and specially Google Ranking, we often give PPC or paid advertising too much importance. No matter how prevalent it is in the present-day business world, it will never bring authenticity the way organic ranking can. Why is this the case, anyway? Well, paid advertising brings clicks too, but they are so-called “hesitant clicks”. They are called that way because people hesitate to click on ads. They simply have an aversion for them. That aversion stems from the traditional invasiveness and annoyance that ads bring. Therefore, people don’t connect a paid place at the top of a page to quality. Thus, organic rankings strike faith into the hearts of your customers, as they will see the non-paid reputable place as a sign of a success in terms of popularity and quality.

Now that we’ve covered the significance of Google rankings, in the organic term, it’s now time to dissect the factors which affect it. Whether it be positively or negatively, the factors that your Google ranking depends on are numerous. Within this plethora of causes and effects, there are about 200 factors that help Google rank your site. Let’s get to know the algorithm on which your business’ future depends on.

On-page factors

This section of Google ranking factors directly stems from the way your web design. The verbal section of the website optimization seems to have the most weight when it comes to the way your site ranks. Let’s look at some of them, shall we? Keyword placement in the title. This element directly connects the search query to the title, which is the most displayed element of a website. Keyword in the meta description tag section. Still a relevancy indicator, a keyword there can mean much to the search results part. Non-abnormal placement of keywords. An overly frequent or an overly infrequent placement of keywords are equally detrimental to the way your website is ranked.

What Can Affect My Google Ranking

Actual site factors

This section is more connected to your web development ; how stable your site is and how trustworthy is the domain provider. Server location. There are indications that first world country servers play an important role in boosting rankings. In comparison to cheaper servers in other countries, they can do good to your rankings. A trustworthy domain. Google ranks your domain in comparison to others. If it has a history of cheating, suspicious activity or similar actions, it can act detrimentally to your otherwise excellent rating.

Off-page factors

When it comes to off-page factors, they mostly rotate around the linking leading to your website.

Link relevancy: If your website is linked on site that has millions of visitors, it’s an indicator of relevance and will provide you with a ranking boost.

Link diversity: There was once a time when you could link your website to another with a million links and boost your ranking. No, this is not the case. Google values single links from various sources.

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