Can a Professional SEO Service Fix My Bad Online Reputation?

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A professional SEO service cannot fix your negative online reputation: all they can do is make it easier for your marketing material and your PR to make it through the online fog. The sad part is that if you are the cause of your negative reputation, then hiring an SEO firm will eventually make it easier for your customers to find you and make negative comments. Nevertheless, when you have a firm grasp of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization), you have far more control over your online reputation and your online marketing than when your website and off-page campaign is poorly optimized.

How Does SEO Affect an Online Reputation

Imagine you are in a sea of people, and the outspoken few who do not like you have their own megaphone. They are getting through to some of the crowd, but most cannot hear them over the noise. When you optimize your SEO, you too are given a megaphone. Again, not everybody can hear you, and some still hear the negative talkers, but at least things are a little more even now that you have your own megaphone.

Making More Noise

Companies like Amazon have their own sound stage where they blast out their message, which is why even when they do controversial things, you rarely read about it online because Amazon has the loudest online voice. This is because bigger companies have teams of SEO experts working around the clock to ensure they are seen first on the search engines, and also ensure that any negative press is buried under their content. You probably don’t have the resources required to bury the voice of your critics, but you can drown out some of their comments with your own SEO. 

Getting There First

As we all know, people have become lazy when using Google. They pick the first few results and that is all they try. The old joke is that nobody has ever seen Google’s page two because everybody uses the first page only. With that in mind, if you are good at SEO, you can ensure you are seen first. You can ensure your content appears nearer the top of the search engine results. That way, it doesn’t matter if three websites say negative things about you, or three thousand, because people are only going to concentrate on the first few results of Google. And, the first few websites on the search engine results are controlled by you (or at the very least, they have positive content on them about your company).

Hire a Company That Offers Full Control

The point of optimizing your website and your off-page campaign is to help you gain control of what people see when they search for you on apps, other websites, and search engines. If you are going to hire a professional SEO service, then hire one that gets the fundamentals right. A company that offers you a clear foundation upon which to build your (positive) online presence. If you have a PR problem, then a good SEO campaign won’t fix it, but it at least gives you other weapons you may use to turn things around. You need a company like Website Depot Inc to help you gain and retain better control of your online reputation.