Call to Action Website Design and Optimization

Call to action buttons are a gateway to conversions, when used properly.

Use a colour that pops

Choose a colour that is not black, white, nor grey.

Stands out from the colour scheme of your site

It should grab eyeballs.

Before deciding on a particular colour, you can create the tabs in a variety of colours. Take a minute to choose the colour that really pops out.

This will depend on the colour scheme of your site, back ground colour and web page layout.

Make it simple

A simple, straight forward CTA with a clear message works better than a button with complicated graphics.

Size does matter

When you are choosing the size of your CTA button, choose wisely. The entire point of a CTA button is for people to click. So make the size neither too big nor too small. It should be of the exact size to encourage click through. A big CTA button might even put off users from clicking it.

You can offer a choice

Mostly, a CTA button will be a single button inscribed with a message.

But in some cases, using two CTA buttons may be a better choice.

Modern psychology shows that when faced with a choice, people do two things. They may choose neither of the given option.

And psychology also shows that if you can get a person to agree with you, or say yes to you, the user is more likely to convert because he agrees with your content, thus far.

So if you intend to give the user two choices, give them only two. One must be a smart choice, the other must be dumb. You are just making it really easy for someone to choose to be smart by clicking your CTA.

Click worthy CTA button

A CTA button needs to look like a real button. A proper rectangle shape with clear, well defined border and a colour that pops out.

Make it obvious to click the button

CTA buttons are the end game in the conversion funnel. When a person reaches this point, it is time to click. Conversion buttons that relate to the product have higher conversion rates.

Keep it short and sweet

Your button copy needs to be powerful and easy. Like a road sign, your button should stand out for its simplicity. Throughout your article, you must have led the user to the conversion funnel. He must be familiar with your messages, colours and codes based on your page structure. When they spare a glance at the CTA button, it must be an obvious choice.

Create a great button copy

A button copy contains the most important words on your entire web page.

A good copy contains:

Verbs mean action. Verbs like Reserve, Get have higher conversion rates than the clichéd submit and register.

Using time frames like today creates a sense of urgency to take action.

Be upbeat

Your words should be positive to promote affirmative actions. Using negative words should be done with care.

And some familiar nouns

There are certain gifts like eBook or course to explain the reward awaiting them after they click.

Using the word free in your button copy suggests value to the user. The readers already know the value of clicking the CTA button. But reminding them once again is a good strategy to get clicks.

There are no hard and fast rules when choosing a CTA button. Colour codes have their place. But it is usually better to test the buttons before actually using them for better conversion rates.