Call to Action Web Design

Call to Action Web Design
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Call to action web design is something that is sometimes not understood by many designers, especially in the area of what makes a good call to action. CTA web design is primary getting visitors to do something like, add to cart, sign up, log in, download, etc and it is in the form of buttons. To make the most out of call to action buttons, there are basic elements that should be well understood and taken care of. These basics include the use of color, language, details, and scale and they should be used to facilitate maximum conversion. It is important to note that, the particulars of these factors are not complicated, but they involve forethought and planning.

There are several types of call to action button. The use of each will be determined by the intended purpose and the action the visitor is required to take. The most popular and commonly used CTA buttons are add to cart, when the intended action is to buy, download button when the action required is to download an item, trial button for a visitors to try an offering under free trial terms, learn more when additional information is required, and sign up for membership websites. There are other CTA buttons but the basic factors that apply to the above button will also apply to every other CTA button.

Call to Action Web Design

These basics are;

Using negative space effectively; it is a purpose of a web designer to make a CTA button to stand out from the surrounding content and command attention of the visitor. This requires the use of negative space around the CTA button. There should however be a balance between the negative space and the CTA button.  what are the basics to making use of this factor effectively? They include ensuring there is enough space around the button to avoid cluttering and considering principles like the rule of thirds or the Golden Ration in the determination of how much space to include.

Size and color; size determines how large your action buttons are and it is a very important feature. A large button empowers that what is around it but a small button gets lost in the shuffle of the other content. On the other hand, color can be used to balance the size of action buttons. The use of color can be done to dilute or concentrate the size of the button for example, for large button use less prominent color, but still that which stands out against the background. The guiding principles of the use of size and color are; action buttons should be the largest on a page, contrasting color makes smaller buttons stand out better, less distinct colors make large button fit in better, and the button should command attention without overwhelming the design.

The other factor to put into consideration for call to action web design includes language. This should be clear and present the basic requirement in the least words possible. Some argue it should be in the form of a catch phrase.

When creating CTA buttons, other aspects to incorporate are urgency,  provision of extra information for example how long is the free trial, prioritize, and use of images and icons.