Bypass Google’s Doorway Ranking Adjustment

Last month, Google announced that it would be releasing a “doorway ranking adjustment” to deal with doorway pages, noting that this update would have “a broad impact” on sites utilizing doorway campaigns.

SEO Expert Danny improves Google Search Engine Ranks

At SEO Expert Danny, we’ve been helping our clients improve their Google search engine ranks and conversion rates for over a decade. We consult on SEO and social media for major brands, mom and pop shops, and everything in between. Just last week we were approached by a local business owner who’s businesses webpage had been penalized by Google’s new doorway ranking adjustment. Unfortunately, the doorway ranking adjustment had caused this particular webpage to drop about 30 places in Google’s search ranking.


Get the attention your business deserves!

While Google’s mobile-friendliness algorithm update seems to have captured the lion’s share of page view-pumping SEO posts, the doorway page update has seen relatively few screaming SEO headlines. However, SEO Expert Danny is already successfully reinstating businesses websites to their original Google search ranking, in as little as a week!

Will Domain Masking Impact my SEO?

Do you have an established website for your business but have recently added a really interesting page to your website that you know that you can draw in a lot of traffic? Or, are you interested in linking the front page of your website through a more popular domain name, but want to make sure that you continue to redirect traffic through your original domain name because it’s doing so well?

Domain Masking

Website Depot offers a service that can bypass Google’s new “doorway ranking adjustment,” also referred to as “domain masking.” This means that users who enter “” will always see “”, even if they enter your old address “”

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If it’s recently come to your attention that your businesses webpage has been penalized by Google’s doorway ranking adjustment don’t wait! Contact SEO Expert Danny today to reclaim your place at the top of Google’s search engine page! We have the experience necessary to make sure that your businesses web site is receiving the traffic and attention that it deserves. Contact us today at 213.457.3250. We look forward to suiting your businesses needs and preferences!