Why Your Business App Should Be on Android?

Why Your Business App Should Be on Android

Nowadays, mobile apps are no longer beneficial for big brands. Small and mid-size businesses have their mobile apps to take their marketing to the next level.

If you’re planning to have a mobile app for your business, make sure that you build it on Android. Even if you already have an iOS app, you should create your app with Android too because it’s where most of your customers are found.

In a new report, Android is actually dominating the market. This mobile operating system dominates the smartphone business because it also caters to the middle to lower-end smartphones, besides the premium smartphones.

Samsung and other big Android players have launched their high-end devices to attract customers further. Chinese smartphone manufacturers are also entering the market by providing their customers with more reasonably priced devices.

Android is evolving faster than iOS. It allows Android players to remain at the top of their game. The platform’s focus is to expand and diversify it with additional functionalities, like in-car entertainment, wearables, and others.

One of the main reasons for Android’s success is the proliferation of affordable smartphones from Chinese manufacturers. For example, Huawei, a Chinese brand, showed a robust growth with more than 30,000 units sold during the second quarter this year.

Why Your Business App Should Be on Android

Oppo and Xiaomi have also made it to the list of the top 10 phone vendors in the world. Oppo reported experiencing a growth of 129 percent in the second quarter. Thanks to its unique features, like an anti-shake camera and rapid charge that helps them carve a niche market. They also assisted in boosting sales in this highly competitive market.

Is Apple going down?

There’s been a decline in the demand for Apple’s smartphones. And it’s one of the reasons Android is enjoying a dominant place.

This year, the company reported experiencing a 7.7 percent decline in their overall sales in North America and Western Europe. It has also experienced its worst decline in China and some parts of the Asian regions.

Other mobile operating systems, like Windows and Blackberry, are seeing declines in their demands.

With these things in mind, the message is very clear. It means that most of your customers are using Android devices. That said, if you’re going to build a mobile app, make sure that it’s on Android. However, it’s also ideal that you make an app for iOS users to maximize the smartphone market.