Build An Authentic Brand: Consulting in LA Beyond Social Media Trends

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In the busy world of e-commerce, gone are the days when slapping a vague, feel-good message on your social profiles was enough. LA consumers are savvy; this spring, they expect the businesses they support to walk the walk regarding values. So, how can your brand go beyond virtue signaling and navigate this changing landscape with integrity? It starts with brand consulting in LA – the kind that looks inward first.

For over twelve years, Website Depot has provided end-to-end digital marketing solutions for businesses to help them improve their online presence and increase sales. Today, join us on this quick journey to learn how to give your brand genuine authenticity beyond social media trends.

The Truth About “Authenticity”

Buzzwords get thrown around a lot, and this one has lost some of its meaning. LA audiences can smell “woke-washing” a mile away. Ask yourself these tough questions:

  • “Purpose” Beyond Sales: Do you know WHY your business exists, beyond just turning a profit? A genuine mission builds a loyal following. A recent survey found that over 70% of consumers find it important that brands they support reflect their personal values.
  • Internal Alignment: Does your company culture reflect the values you want to project to the world? Customers pick up on hypocrisy fast.
  • Mistakes Can Be Opportunities: Owning up to and fixing errors honestly speaks volumes more than glossing them over.

The Social Justice Lens for LA Brands

LA has a strong activist history, and many young consumers actively seek businesses that make an effort. Keep in mind:

  • Specificity Over Blanket Statements: Support causes directly connected to your brand. A salon’s LGBTQ+ fundraiser for local groups has more impact than vague rainbow imagery.
  • Avoid Tokenism: Does your team, content, and suppliers reflect LA’s diversity? True inclusion is ongoing, not performative. A commitment to diversity isn’t just socially progressive; it’s good business – according to McKinsey, companies with more diverse workplaces perform up to 35% better than their homogenous counterparts.
  • Education as Engagement: Social content promoting knowledge around community issues (sourced ethically) shows you’re genuinely informed and committed.

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Spring Trends Beyond Hashtags

Social engagement is evolving. Let’s discuss ways to leverage this with integrity for your LA brand.

  • Social Partnerships: Look for opportunities to collaborate with community groups, activists, or non-profits aligned with your values. This showcases action, not just words.
  • Cause-Focused Incentives: Consider offering discounts or special promos tied to voter registration, volunteering, or charitable donations that customers can participate in.
  • Transparency Reports: A simple page on your website outlining diversity efforts, ethical sourcing, etc., fosters trust and strengthens your brand in the long run.


TempliAll of that having been said, it’s important to make sure that your company can also do what it says it’s going to do. A great example of this is not a LA company but rather, a New York-founded one.Templi, a marketplace for ordering printed goods and supplies at factory direct pricing, gets it right. With branded merchandise from Templi, you know you’re getting quality products that stand for something, too.

Brand Consulting in LA: Spring Trends in Authenticity, Diversity, and Culture Fit

At Website Depot, the best branding work starts from within. With services for digital and brand consulting in LA, we can help you articulate those core values and develop marketing strategies to win more socially conscious LA consumers. 

Let’s have a conversation and discuss how your brand can shine brighter with authenticity at its heart.