Box and Google are Now Allies

Box and Google are Now Allies

While the tech world tuned into the unveiling of the iPhone 7, Google made a surprise appearance at the conference of Box to announce an alliance. It could be a sign of a significant shift in the file-sharing race.

During the BoxWorks conference, Box and Google announced a partnership to work on multiple cloud integrations projects. Box’s file storage will be integrated with Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets products. It’ll also be combined with the search engine for the enterprise apps.

The integration will give the companies’ users Box’s security in managing content and Google Docs’ ease of use. Box’s mission is to change how people and businesses work. The combination of Box’s content platform and Google’s cloud technology allows companies to unlock their productivity across their organizations.

Google will continue to improve its cloud business for its data analytics, machine learning, etc. The company wants their customers to have the right flexibility in their choice of tools and the most collaborative suite for their needs.

When the integration is live, users of Box can easily work with Google Docs and spreadsheets while their information and data are housed within Box. To filter better details, Box users can implement Google’s Springboard search within Box files.

Box and Google are Now Allies

Despite the integration of these two tools, Google and Box announced that data shared from Box to Docs would be compliant to HIPPA and are protected. It’ll work that way as long as your data are stored in the Box.

The Box had already announced its new workflow solution. It unveiled a tool that’s co-developed and built using IBM to simplify workflows while it speeds up their process.

Companies want to improve how they work and share data. Unfortunately, the traditional way of sharing makes it difficult to accelerate how they operate.

Box had a partnership with Microsoft through its Azure, Windows, and Outlook, as well as Office 365 products. However, for years its customers who choose Google Docs, want their own integration.

Amidst the partnership between Box and Google, the odd company in the equation is Dropbox. If these two file-sharing companies have an off-and-on rivalry, the resources will be changed if the search engine giant continues to align more with Box.

The collaboration is just one of the many steps that Google takes to make it a force to be reckoned with when it comes to corporate computing. This partnership might put Box ahead of the competition in the cloud computing space. It could also give it an edge against rival Dropbox.