Blog Posting in Minutes – How Long Does it Take to Post a Blog

Blog posts are one of top 5 priorities for successful SEO!


Posting Article Step by Step

  1. Navigate via website (1 min)
  2. Scan the article (proofread)(bold keywords) (1min)
  3. Check Jetpack (publicized area) & SEO Yoast, profile        (1 min)
  4. Create post/copy paste article (1min)
  5. Add Feature image (1min)
  6. Add Secondary image (1min)
  7. Add hyperlinks (besides one to itself) (1min)
  8. Add Subheadings (h2-h4) (1min)
  9. Create call to action area – CTA (1min)
  10. Tick correct category (up to 3 max, min1) (0.5min)
  11. Select correct tags up to 2-3 words (up to 3, min 1) (0.5min)
  12. Fill in SEO Yoast area – Meta Title and Descriptions (1min)
  13. Set up Publicize area with hashtags (1min)
  14. Publish/double check the look of the posted article (1min)
  15. Create final hyperlink to itself from the content (1min)
  16. Paste link in Trello (1min)


Maximum time spent on an article should be 15 minutes. For faster workers and posters half of that time 7 minutes per article.