Blog Posting in WordPress Best Practices for best SEO

Blog posts are one of top 5 priorities for successful SEO!

Posting WordPress Blog Article Step by Step

  1. Navigate via website
  2. Scan the article (proofread)(bold keywords)
  3. Check Jetpack (publicized area) & SEO Yoast, profile
  4. Create post/copy paste article
  5. Add Feature image
  6. Add Secondaries images (2 images per 400 words per page) Part of image should be before the fold
  7. Add a related hyperlink to settled URL*  to Your Landing Page, Service Page, 
  8. Add Subheadings (h2-h4)
  9. Create call to action area at the end of the article
  10. Tick correct category (Usually only 1 “ONE” category)
  11. Select correct tags up (Usually only 1)
  12. Fill in SEO Yoast area
  13. Set up Publicize area with hashtags
  14. Publish/double check the look of the posted article
  15. CHECK MOBILE AND DESKTOP FRONT END OF THE SITE. Share your article with others on Social medias, bookmarks and Web 2.0 Properties.

For a further detailed description on blog posting in WordPress, access our article that will help break down each step SEO Best Blog Posting Practices

* Settled URL, is the urls that actually show up on the browser when you visit the site. For example, is unsettled URL, if you click on it, you will notice that it will be redirected to

Update October 2018

Due to recent algorithm changes some content is being labeled as repetitive, which leads to rankings drop.

For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to some new details at the moment of writing and posting a new article:

  • Use the keyword only 3 times: one in the title, one in the first paragraph and one in a sub heading.
  • New articles will be between 600-800 words. Will have between 2-3 images and a minimum of 2 quotes.
  • Content needs to have an added value. It needs to be informative and give users something they must be interested in. No “we are the best…” or anything that is not objective or backed by an external source. 
    Example: “according to Yelp users, Website Depot is a ‘a lifesaver’ and ‘the team was great and very quick,  they got all the answers I was looking to hear’. That’s why the company receives continuing awards and recognition in the industry”.
  • The focus on content should be people; not for SEO or keywords. Aside to the added value and the trustworthy sources, it should contain a call to action that makes sense. Add a phone number with the format (000) 000-0000 or something that leads to useful, actual interaction between users and business. On the other hand, it doesn’t make any sense to add the URL to a page the users is already in.
  • Linking: Aside to linking to the client’s site, it is necessary to link to another high authority source. So if you write an article and quote a source, please link the article to the page you took the information from.
    Use the most popular, trustworthy sources to link to; avoid sites with low or none page authority.
    Sites like Wikipedia, Yelp or Manta are good options.
  • Sites from government or educational institutions are also great sources at the moment of writing and linking. To do special search for sites with domain .org, .edu or .gov make a query in Google, click on Settings – Advanced search and type what you need on the site or domain tab.
  • Visit , check their articles and their format to apply to your own writing.