Beyond Digital Marketing: the Right Marketing Methods for a Small Business

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Many think of us as a digital marketing company

While online marketing is a major part of what we do at Website Depot, it’s far from all that we do. 

We prefer to call ourselves a “Full Service” company. 

The reason for that is simple: we do more than just handle online marketing for our clients. 

To really take your bottom line to the next level, it requires all different parts of marketing working in tandem. 

When they do so, there’s no limit to where you can go. 



Boosting your brand through online marketing is one thing. 

However, to really make it effective, analysis is required. 

Specifically, expert analysis is required. 

A major reason we’ve been able to help so many of our clients is that we’ve been able to see what works, what hasn’t, and what can be improved. 

That means utilizing (and having complete mastery of) the best analytical tools for online marketing. 

On top of that, it means that we’re able to read that data properly. 

The truth is that anyone can look at the analytical data for an online marketing campaign. 

The difference between success and failure lies in being able to respond to that data. 

Here’s where we can draw on our experience. 

We know how to respond to what analytics in what fashion. After all, we’ve done it before. Through this, we can put together a better way to market our clients. 


Additional Forms of Marketing 

Online marketing, for most companies, is the best way to reach their potential customers and clients. 

That was true before the pandemic and it’s certainly true during. 

However, it’s never the only way to reach your customers. 

I was reminded of that yet again when I read this article about marketing a dry cleaner business.

You might say “that’s nice, but I don’t own a dry cleaner business.” 

Just about any small business can use a lot of these marketing methods. 

Yes, the article does put “social media,” up towards the top with “SMS,” “email” marketing, and “blogs/newsletters.” 

But, below that, you’ll find “bus signs,” “billboards,” “bus benches,” “hang tags,” “snail mail,” “nightly news commercials on one local cable channel,” and so forth. 

We’re not saying that every business needs a “newspaper route drop” to succeed. 

However, what we can say is that while a certain form of digital marketing may have gone “out of style,” that doesn’t mean it’s “gone away.” 

There are still people reading newspapers. 

Potential customers still make purchasing decisions (conscious or not) from what they see on bus benches and billboards. 

Just as your potential customers are out there in cyberspace, they’re out there in your community, too. 


Finding the Best Path Forward 

None of this is to say that you need to have an enormous marketing budget. The point of this blog isn’t to tell you you have to put all your money into online marketing as well as plastering your city in bus benches, billboards, hang tags, and more. 

There are some forms of digital marketing that will be more effective for your business than others. 

There will be some messages and branding that will be more effective for your business than others. 

Here at Website Depot, we can help you to find the best of all of them. 

That way, you’re getting the most carefully tailored and precise marketing for your business. 

To start the process, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.