What is better Search Marketing or Social media marketing?

Search Marketing or Social media marketing
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With online marketing, it is easy to confuse some of the commonly used term, mainly because the concept of online marketing has not fully sunk in the majority of people. If you are comparing search marketing or social media marketing and which is better, then you are at the right place. Here you will find clear and concise reason for which is better explained in simple and easy to understand language.

First, what is search marketing and social media marketing? Search marketing is online marketing which is targeted towards search engines for example Google, yahoo, etc. On the other hand, social media marketing is campaigns targeted towards the many social media platforms for example Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc. search marketing vs social media marketing

Search marketing as you will agree has the potential to reach more of an audience than social media marketing. If you want to look for a pizza shop in your area, where would you first turn to? Google, right? Well, search engine marketing presents a wider and larger target audience than a social media platform. Statistically, Google has about 50 million users daily while a single social media site like Facebook has about 10 million logins per day. By having your shop in Google, you have more persons more likely to click through than if it was in Facebook.

It is easier to get results in search engine marketing than in social media marketing. Ranking high in search engines depends on the keyword used and how authentic the website is. If these are achieved, you are sure of your site ranking well. Additionally, if your site has quality content and confirms to SEO standards, which can be done at a single go, you will have your website rank in every search engine. However, for social media marketing, you have to rely on your friends to reach more and more audience. In addition to that, you have to work on each social media individually to tap the audience in each. This is time consuming and tedious.

Search marketing can stand in for social media marketing. Are you wondering how this is possible? Well, for any business that is operating on a minimal budget e.g. startup business, search engine marketing can be used to replace social media marketing. Some of the strategies used in search marketing include bookmarking. In cases of booking marking, the links can be shared on social media like Google, Facebook etc as do follow links.

From the above discussion, it is evident that search marketing is far better than social media marketing. The benefits for search engine marketing are more and cover those for social media marketing. It is therefore better for a firm to major on search marketing. However, if the time and the budget allow, it is wise to employ both to attract as much traffic as possible.