Be Willing to Try Something That May Seem “Too Much” At First 

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“I want to change how we do things, but I’m not sure where to start.”
“We’ve got to do something else to grow. But, it has to be true to our values.” 

Here at Website Depot, we hear clients (and potential clients) express similar sentiments to those often.  Sometimes it’s in the context of advertising, other times mobile apps, or even in the context of something else. 

Some of us even say them in our own lives outside of work. 

This is written on a Monday morning, so right now, “trying something that may seem like too much” could feel like “trying anything at all.” 

Yes, as we’ve covered in these blogs, you have to make sure that what you’re doing is specifically tailored to your clients. 

But, you don’t want to close yourself off from trying something new that could be even more effective. 

One way we have been able to greatly help our clients: finding new ways that might not have occurred to them to reach their clients. 


One Thing Leads to Another 

I’m always looking to improve as a writer. 

I understand that there’s always something I could do better, some advice that I haven’t heard yet. 

I try to read one article a day (at least) to get better as a writer. So, I’ve found so much that’s really helped me improve. 

I’ve also found a lot of stuff that profoundly doesn’t work for me. 

But, that doesn’t mean learning it was a waste of time. 

Case in point: this article. 

I was reading it this morning. I started physically nodding along here at my desk. 

Right until I got to the part that said: “Ending Every Shower Ice Cold.” 

No, I’m not doing that. 

Nor am I doing the next part in the article, where it’s suggested that a writer get on a mini-trampoline and “jump about two minutes every hour.” 

They are not conducive to my work, my schedule, my writing style, or anything else. 

But, it doesn’t mean that reading about this was in any way a waste of my time. 

While “ending a shower ice-cold” feels more than a little “off” to me, the idea beneath it is sound. Putting a cold glass of water to my head once a day (especially here in LA) may not be a bad idea. Or, alternatively, I could put a cold washcloth over my face or even just splash my face. 

That’s gotta be healthier than more caffeine. 


How It Could Work for You 

So, to recap so far, I was looking to improve myself and I found something that didn’t work for me. 

But, it did spur my thoughts into something that could work for me. 

The same could be true for your business. 

You may have heard something you could do, some way you could improve that sounds outlandish at best. 

It may not be right for your company. 

However, the idea beneath that outlandish suggestion could be true. You could think of a way to get the same benefit for your business without having to do something outlandish. 

To continue the analogy, go back to the mini-trampoline. 

Jumping on a mini-trampoline for two minutes every hour is not for me. 

But, getting exercise while working is good. 

I go for a walk at least once a day. 

I pace around after I write a blog, or every hour or so. 

Those accomplish the same goals just in a way that better fits me. 


A Guide on Mobile Apps, SEO, and Much More

You may have read to this point and thought: “OK, that all sounds fine. But, I don’t have either the time or the budget to just try every single different suggestion for new ways to expand my business.” 

This is where we can come in. 

At Website Depot, we’ve helped so many business owners to find ways to reach their customers that may have seemed impossible. Instead of just trying new things haphazardly, we can direct you towards what’s most successful. Whether it’s mobile apps, advertising, online marketing, SEO, paid media, or web design, we got you covered.

That way, you can experiment and grow with purpose. 

For more, you can reach us at (888) 477-9540.