Be Very Careful Who You Use to Promote Your Youtube Channel

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If you have even a half-way successful YouTube channel, you need to protect it. Exposing it to freelancers and even to certain marketing companies is going to have a devastating effect. If somebody starts targeting your YouTube channel as a way to extort you, there is nothing you can do. A few farmed dislikes may not affect bigger channels, but it means the difference between success and obscurity for your channel. If you are seeking things like SEO packages in California and social media packages, be very careful who you choose.

Promoting Using Click Farms

A common trick is for an SEO company or freelancer to promise you a set of results. They claim they will share your YouTube video around their social media contacts and on websites and such, whereas all they really do is pay a Chinese click farm $10 for hundreds of views or likes.Initially, you think your YouTube channel is becoming successful, and you pay the freelancer or SEO company. Then, you discover that the clicks and likes slow to an almost stop, and your channel sees no further progress. This is because YouTube knows which are real and which are faked clicks. In fact, if you look at your analytics, you can see for yourself which are fake in many cases because they are often set out in very large chunks within very small spaces of time, and they are all from a different country like Russia or China.

Promoting in the Wrong Places

Even if you buy legitimate SEO packages California, they may still mess up your YouTube channel because of where they advertise your videos. What happens is that they really push your videos, and even though they are not ideally placed adverts, they still gain traction. Then, when the advertising is done, your videos are not recommended to the correct people, they are recommended by YouTube to the old crowd that the previous adverts were targeting. This crowd is not your target demographic, and your traffic from the YouTube suggested videos feature goes down, as do views from your YouTube search feature.It sounds unfair, but it is just the way that YouTube works. YouTube learns which sort of people click your video, and if the SEO company manages to convince people outside of your target group to click, then YouTube will keep targeting them because it doesn’t know any better. Meanwhile, the actual people in your target audience are seeing your competitor’s videos instead of yours.

An Example of Promoting in the Wrong Place

SEO packages in CaliforniaJust to clarify. Let’s say you have a cooking channel and your target audience are people over 40, but the SEO company markets to 7yr old. The marketers manage to convince a bunch of kids to watch your videos, even though they are not really interested in the content.When the SEO company goes away, YouTube won’t recommend your videos to people in their 40s because your most recent views and likes came from 7yr olds, so YouTube keeps marketing your videos to 7yr olds, and your YouTube channel dies very slowly through no fault of your own.

Getting Help From Professionals

The key to success is to not use click farms or poor quality SEO companies (obviously) and is to hire an SEO company with SEO packages in California that targets the right people. To hire a company that understands how YouTube works, and who market to the correct people so that after the SEO company leaves, the YouTube account holder still experiences a fair amount of YouTube success, traction and search ranking. Get in touch with the YouTube gurus at Website Depot Inc. for a consultation and a look at what options are open to you in terms of YouTube marketing and promotion.