Be the Right Kind of Direct: Email Marketing Advice that Works 

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Indirect email marketing rarely works. 

“Sir or Madam, Would You Please Kindly Open This Email So As to Consider Engaging in Commerce With Our Company?” 

No one’s opening that email. 

Obviously that’s an exaggeration. 

But, you’ve probably read email subject lines (or written them) that read similarly. 

You can’t get a sense of what the business wants, what they do, etc. 

The opposite doesn’t work, either. 



That’s way too direct. 

While a direct email subject line is good, you don’t want it to read as a “ransom note.” 

Email marketing can be a powerful tool, but like any other powerful tool, it has to be harnessed properly. 


Mobile Matters 

You know that you have to grab the reader’s attention fast. 

However, you might not realize just how fast. 

Remember: most folks open their email on mobile devices. 

So, if you write a long email subject line, they probably aren’t going to see all of it. 

In fact, they might not even see half of it. 

For the most part, someone opening their email on a mobile device is going to see a maximum of 70 characters. 

They might see as little as 30. 

To put that in perspective, 30 characters is ⅕ of what used to be allowed in a full Twitter tweet. 

So, you have 20% of a tweet to get someone to open your email. 


Let Them Know 

To make the best use of those 30 (or so) characters, give the recipient the info. 

Don’t wait around to get it to it. 

Register for Our Seminar

Buy Sandals Today 

Book the Trip of a Lifetime 

  • You read each of those and they tell you what to do. There’s no mystery about what’s in the email. The recipient reads those words and knows exactly what the email expects of them. 

25% Pickup Discount

Free Delivery Through Friday 

Buy One Online Get One Free 

  • In a fraction of a second, folks will know what your company is offering them. An email like this eliminates the “why are they emailing me” factor. Moreover, these are the kinds of emails that can help sales even if no one opens them. A potential customer could get all of the info they need to make a purchase without even clicking on the email. 


OK to Give Them a Nudge 

This is written on a Monday, so we’re trying to ease into the work week. 

Prospective customers, even highly motivated ones, can procrastinate. 

Work, school, family stuff, the pandemic – there’s always a reason not to buy something. That’s true even if it’s something they really need or want. 

Help them out with an email heading with a firm deadline. Create some urgency. 

Final Days of Summer Sale 

Last Day for 25% Discount

Quantity Limited to 200

  • Even the chronic procrastinators know that they can’t wait around when they see an email like this. You don’t want to do this all of the time, of course. But, putting different items on sale each weekend, every now and then, can help to drive sales of practically anything. 

This is just a very “broad strokes” method to starting your email marketing

We can help your business with this and just about everything else in marketing. 

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