Is Bad SEO Bad For Business?

Is Bad SEO Bad For Business

The rules of SEO change regularly. So, if you have a website, it is vital that you stay in the loop so as not to lose any visitors. Bear in mind that SEO is one of the most important ways to get people to visit your site. But having bad SEO on your site is bad for your brand.

As the algorithms of search engine change, the rules of what is bad and good SEO also change. Some strategies that were once acceptable by Google become toxic as the search engine giant blocks those who are manipulating the system.

Despite that, the goals of Google have not changed. That is, it wants to provide the users with quality results. Thus, if the tweaks and upgrades are made to deliver excellent results for the users, then you have nothing to fear.

It means that if you fill your site with high-quality content all the time and you only link to other excellent websites, then your site is golden. You must also make sure that you stay on top of the innovations.

Is Duplicate Content Bad SEO?

It was considered bad SEO. But duplicate content now will not always hurt your website’s search engine ranking. That is if you use canonical tags each time you republish content on your site. However, you still have to report sites that are using your content without your permission.


To avoid bad SEO, make sure that everything that you write on your site is related to your site’s focus. Thus, the HTML tags, subheaders, title, image descriptions and other page attributions should be related to your site’s purpose.

Mobile Friendly

Is Bad SEO Bad For Business

Nearly every person uses a smartphone. When you go to a restaurant, for example, you will notice that most people are focusing on their phones, rather than talking to the people around them. What does it mean to your website? If your site is not mobile-friendly, then it will never rank in mobile results. Individuals who use Google when searching for something will not see your site. It means that you lose that chance of making them your clients/customers.

The right SEO can boost your business. It will also establish your brand’s voice online. If you are not sure what good and bad SEO is, talk to Danny Star today. He is one of the sought-after SEO experts in Los Angeles, who can help you boost your site’s search engine ranking. Give him a call at +1(213) 322-0770