Avoiding Attorney SEO Content Mistakes 

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Does it feel like you aren’t getting as much ROI on your content as you should be? Do you write content for your law firm site consistently but it still isn’t working out? If so, you aren’t alone. There are plenty of common, easy mistakes to make in writing your content. These are little traps that even the best writers can fall into. If you keep these in mind (or even in the back of your mind) when doing your attorney SEO content, you’ll be ahead of the game. 

These aren’t your common, “be sure to write a few blogs a week” kind of tips. These are tips for those who have already laid the groundwork, so to speak. You’re creating content at a good clip, you know to provide value, and so forth. These tips can keep you from the small mistakes which can make a big difference. 

attorney SEO

Keyword Stuffing: Easier Than You Might Think 

When you see an obvious example of keyword stuffing, it’s easy to think “well, I’ll never do that.” When most people think of “keyword stuffing,” we think of something that looks utterly robotic: “attorney lawyer on call call you when accident” or something similar. However, even good writers can fall into keyword stuffing without realizing it. 

See if you can spot what’s wrong with this call to action: 

“Our experienced personal injury attorneys will fight for you. Personal injury attorneys from our firm have a proven track record of helping clients to receive their maximum compensation. For a free consultation with our personal injury attorneys, call us at…” 

That’s keyword stuffing. Sure, it may not seem that way. It reads like something that a lawyer might actually say to you. But, it’s keyword stuffing (if your keyword is “personal injury attorneys.”) To Google’s web crawlers, that can look as egregious as the previous robotic speech. 

The solution: enhance your vocabulary. If your keyword includes “attorneys,” then “lawyers” can be mentioned elsewhere in the blog. Switch it up. You never want to give someone an excuse to dismiss your content, whether they’re a person or a search engine. 

attorney SEO

A Tip to Avoid Content Without Value 

You know to put “value” in your content, but does it sometimes feel like you aren’t sure exactly what that entails? Does it feel like “value” is a nebulous term? There’s an exercise we use to make sure that we’re providing value. It’s an easy one, something that you can do during your writing or, even better, before. 

Imagine your reader. Picture the person you want to consume your content. Depending on what kind of content you’re creating that day, it could be a prospective client, it could be someone who just wants to learn more about the law, and so forth. Now, imagine them reading or watching your content, and picture them saying: 

“So what?” 

If that seems a bit flippant or mean, you can soften it. You can picture them saying: “why does that matter?” Or even: “how?” 

As you create your content, if you find yourself asking those questions from prospective clients, the odds are very good that you’re creating value. 

For an example, let’s take that beloved chestnut from attorney content: “we’ll fight for you.” Then, the reader asks: “so what?” Now, it’s incumbent upon you to answer exactly how you would fight for them. That gets you immediately to what it is that you provide that another law firm does not. 

The same goes for “why does that matter?” As you answer these questions, you’re getting more specific. For the most part, “value” in content is “specific,” it’s “specificity.” Anyone can write: “our law firm can get the job done.” The one that provides value is the one that shows clearly how they’ll do so.  

Spelling and Grammar: A Simple Tool

Obviously, you want to avoid typos as much as possible. Sure, there are plenty of services out there that you can run your content through that will catch typos and grammar mistakes (even beyond the spell check of wherever you wrote the blog). However, they won’t catch anything. 

Case in point, I have a nasty habit of typing quickly enough that often the second letter of a capitalized word will also be capitalized. Unfortunately, spell check and other websites don’t always catch that. But, there’s an easy fix for this. In fact, it’s the best way to check your content, not only for spelling and grammar but for quality. 

Read it out loud. Really. If you read your content out loud, you’ll find any problems with it. You’ll see if it drags in spots, what can be improved, and so forth. You may even see where it needs more value (or where it already has some). Should you (and others) have the time, you may even want to read it out loud in front of someone else. You don’t have to take all of their notes, of course. But, you can tell just from reading it to them just how good it is. 

If you’re like so many that we work with, you’d be amazed at how effective this is. 

attorney SEO

Attorney SEO Experts

Those are just a few of our little tricks, our little hacks. Of course, for all of these to come into play, you need to have the fundamentals “on lock,” so to speak. That means making certain that you have a great website, a well-designed and excused attorney SEO strategy, and much more. We can help with all of that. 

There are several attorney omnichannel digital marketing packages available at our site. That said, we can tailor one to your exact, specific needs. Good luck with your content. To see how our attorney SEO experts can help, call us for a free consultation at (888) 477-9540.