Are SEO Marketing Packages a Scam?

Looking At KPIs and Other Metrics with a Los Angeles SEO Service

It may seem unfair to call SEO Marketing Packages a scam, but it is the sort of thing that runs through your head when you are looking for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) solutions. You have poured time and energy into your blog, your website, your social media profile, and you don’t want somebody ruining it with their false promises of top-ten lists and increased traffic. The most difficult part is knowing which marketers are going to genuinely help you, and which are going to sell you cheap solutions that offer nothing more than click-mill solutions.

What Are Click-Mill Solutions?

A click-mill is actually an awesome thing. In order to fool the search engines and social media networks, a team sets up a series of mobile devices and uses programs to control them. So, if you want 10,000 likes or installs on your WordPress plugin, then you can buy them and the Smartphones will do all the work. So long as geo-location is turned off, then most social media networks and search engines can’t tell the difference between that and real people using their phones.

Though click mill solutions are great for branding, trolling, or forgetting your activism done online, they are not great for your overall SEO. You don’t want fake viewers or fake subscribers, you want real people to see your website. Ergo, when SEO marketing packages offer things like a slew of new visitors in the tens of thousands, then they are probably using click mills.

Long-Term Solutions Are Difficult

The sad fact is that long-term SEO solutions are a lot of hard work, and the results from doing the right thing (and being honest) can take simply years to manifest. Whereas being dishonest and using gray-hat methods, buys you almost instant results. Plus, it can take a while for the nefarious SEO methods to be exposed for the hot air they really are. For example, even if you fix one of the technical SEO issues that are covered in the next few paragraphs, it will take a long while for Google to pick up on it, and for it to make any sort of difference in how your website is served up to the public. Being honest in this business is difficult.

Start With The Difficult Technical Stuff

If you are looking for a good SEO package, then consider one that solves some of your more difficult problems. For example, if you run a speed check with Google’s developer tools, you will see a lot of problems and potential solutions. However, some of those solutions are very difficult to fix. For example, it is going to say things like:

  • Eliminate render-blocking resources
  • Reduce initial server response time
  • Reduce unused JavaScript
  • Reduce unused CSS
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Serve images in next-gen formats

These are not easy problems to fix but fixing each one will help your SEO far more than buying a bunch of backlinks. If you are looking for SEO Marketing Packages that offer good value and something of substance, or perhaps you are dealing with one of the SEO technical issues listed above, then get in touch with the team at Website Depot Inc. For a fair-priced and honest service, it is hard to beat Website Depot Inc.